On the other hand, in the list for the elaboration of the ILE project, there are 59 legislators out of the 72 who make up the House of Lords, although two of them are absent. Riojan Carlos Menem, who is interned in a Buenos Aires clinic, and suspended tucuman José Alperovich, accused of alleged sexual abuse, both against abortion, will not attend the session. Then the speeches of the other senators, identified as “blue” and “green,” will be interspersed until they reach those who will end the debate, who have 25 minutes to express their ideas. However, the session will not stop there, because after the abortion project, the discussion on the thousand-day plan for comprehensive health care during pregnancy and early childhood will begin. This initiative, whose support is not taken into account, has only four written speakers and should not last more than an hour. The Legal Abortion Bill (ILE) will be debated for nearly thirteen hours, according to the list of speakers released by sources in the Senate. With this screening, the executive-sponsored initiative is expected to be put to a vote tomorrow around five a.m. I followed the live debate in senators for the right to legal, safe and free abortion. The closures will be led by Alberto Weretilneck of Juntos Somos Río Negro; Juan Carlos Romero of the Federal Parliamentary Interbloc; Silvia Elías de Pérez de Juntos por el Cambio (against the project); Luis Naidenoff, also from Together for Change, but for the initiative; and finally the civil servant Anabel Fernández Sagasti from the “green” sector and José Mayans from the “paradise” sector. (Telam) The discussion begins with the speech of the President of the Women`s Bank, the Pampasperonist Norma Durango; and continue with the head of the Health Commission, the radical jujuy Mario Fiad; for or against the project. The House of Lords debates the proposed voluntary termination of pregnancy.

There are tens of thousands of them on the streets outside.