“As always, good efficient service and a friendly approach.” The post `The legal DF is more than a surveillance agency` appeared first on Agência Brasília. “After not moving in about 30 years, we were both very impressed with the support and clear explanation of the procedures and the polite and patient way in which all our questions were handled.” Df Legal has a very comprehensive role in government. How would you summarize the main areas of work of the Secretariat? “Thank you for answering all my questions and treating everything with kindness.” “The community is also doing its part by calling our ombudsman or 190. But one of the main vectors of notification is the regional administrations. » Send suggestions, suggestions, opinions and compliments to the secretariat. The company registers the consumer`s CPF/CNPJ and issues the invoice or tax coupon, the information being transmitted to the Ministry of Finance the following month. “DF Legal`s service is friendly and efficient, everyone is responsive. The fees, etc. are pretty clear – nothing is hidden. “I found Derek to be very kind and considerate and handled the situation very well. The Legal DF comprises the undersecretaries of the Construction Inspectorate (Suob), the Waste Inspectorate (Sufir) and the Supervision of Economic Activities (Sufae).

In addition, it works in a constantly integrated manner with various government agencies. Only in this way will it be able to act on so many fronts, ranging from the identification of irregular work to the inspection of street trade. We have received the Lexcel Award of Excellence from the Law Society and are proud to be an accredited company by Silver Level Investors in People. In addition, we are members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme of Resolution and the Law Society What is the main difference between DF Legal and the now-defunct regulator? “It was once again a pleasure to do business with DF Legal LLP.” With each purchase in a participating company, the consumer informs his CPF or CNPJ and requests his promissory note or tax coupon. DF Legal has worked with 13 other government agencies. We are responsible for situational coordination. We put our agents on the street to ensure social control and compliance with health protocols. We monitor the use of masks, the respect of the curfew, the prohibition of agglomerations and dance halls. Important work to control the pandemic in the Federal District. “I just want to thank you and your team.

You have changed my view of lawyers in transfer of ownership because you have never found one as professional and responsive as your team, I am particularly grateful for your attention to detail. “We were very satisfied with our experience at DF Legal, they let us move within 6-8 weeks. Very good service. “Lyn is excellent. It is professional, efficient and reliable. I do not hesitate to recommend them to others. The Under Secretary of State for Waste Inspection has 150 officers on the streets to check the sanitary conditions of these countries. High bush, residues on the spot, missing fence, all this is observed. The landowner is notified and has five days to clean up. If you do nothing, you risk a fine. How does the file become aware of these illegal professions? What measures deserve to be highlighted during these three years of legal DF? The loan can be used within two years to reduce the value of the IPVA or IPTU launch.

Legal DF is not just a punishment, our performance is more humanized. The Ibanean government attaches great importance to dialogue and the regularization of professions that have already been consolidated. That is why we work in partnership with the Government Secretariat, regional administrations and the Cities Secretariat to propose legal standards that facilitate the regulatory process. We still have a lot of kiosks, billboards and food trucks that need a license, and we`re working on them. “We had first class service, very impressed. If you want the best based on our experience, we have made the right choice. “Fortunately, we`ve only had to call DF Legal a few times in the 40 years we`ve spent in Tewkesbury, but you`ve always been our first port of call. I would never go anywhere else because of the way you handled our situations. This fostered a sense of trust and support in many ways. In this open chat with Agência Brasília, Cristiano talks about df legal`s actions in the first three years.

Check out the main excerpts from the interview below. Among the cases that make up the government of Ibaneis Rocha, the Department for the Protection of Urban Order of the Federal District (DF Legal) is the most recent.