LONDON, July 15 (Reuters) – (Amends paragraph 6 of the July 15 article to show that Airbus` comment on French Legal Risks is a paraphrased statement, not a direct quote) JH: I think we are moving more and more towards the Anglo-Saxon model and see that there are compliance risks everywhere, so you really have to have a lawyer at the table for everything, what you do – whether it`s M&A activities, market fundraising, signing contracts – all of this requires legal input. But even broader than being there, a general counsel can help the CEO see the world through the lens of a lawyer, giving them added value and a new perspective when making these kinds of decisions. GC: You`ve had a legal journey throughout your career, starting with Clifford Chance and now at Airbus. Have you always imagined moving into the house? GC: Legally, what do you think is the achievement you`ve been most proud of since joining Airbus? The battle between Qatar Airways and Airbus has turned into a full-blown legal dispute and is now on trial. According to Reuters, the High Court in London has accepted QR`s argument that the issue of the A350`s protective cover is “in the public interest” and warrants a lawsuit as soon as possible. While this says nothing about the final decision, the airline will see it as a victory in its books. All employees are encouraged to express their views, defend their opinions, and report unacceptable behavior – especially behavior that violates our Code of Conduct. Employees can raise their concerns with their supervisor, HR partner, legal and compliance representative or via Airbus` OpenLine hotline ( In collaboration with Carlyle Kingswood Global, GC Magazine brought together leading in-house lawyers from London to discuss the evolving role of general counsel and the skills needed to lead the legal function of a modern company. Andreas Riecker is General Counsel, Head of Legal & Compliance at Airbus Defence and Space and a member of the Division`s Executive Committee. The German and American graduate lawyer has been working for Airbus since 1998 in the legal departments of Airbus Corporate Headquarters, Airbus and Airbus Defence and Space. JH: We have a team of over 400 employees in our legal and compliance department, so there`s definitely a managing partner element in my role.

I lead a large team based around the world, so we work across borders with clients and colleagues who can become complex quite quickly. A British judge on Friday issued an attempt by Airbus (AIR.PA) to invoke a De Gaulle-era law that restricts how it reacts to foreign courts as a high-profile dispute with Qatar Airways is entangled in a growing debate over cross-border legal powers. After positions at the University of Konstanz and in an international law firm, Andreas Riecker joined Airbus in 1998 as a member of the legal department at the Airbus Group headquarters in Munich. In 2002, he moved to Toulouse, France, for three years as Head of Airbus` Legal Advisory Office and Senior Legal Counsel before heading the legal department of Military Air Systems in Manching, Germany, from 2005 to 2011. He then held the position of Deputy General Counsel of the Cassidian Division. He has been General Counsel of Airbus Defence and Space since 2014 and also took over the compliance function in 2016. Andreas Riecker reports to Airbus General Counsel. John Harrison, who heads the legal function of Airbus, headquartered in France, sits down with GC to discuss the intricacies of cross-border defence work and the unique challenges facing a company with an order book of more than €900 billion.

Tim Murphy, Mastercard`s general counsel, finds himself in the unusual position of having not only overall responsibility for the legal function, but also for diversity and inclusion across the company. Murphy sat down with GC to discuss a global diversity agenda and the unique role of lawyers in progress. The lawsuit brought by Airbus falls under a contractual clause that allows for arbitration, Mhun said. JH: I`m a member of the Executive Committee, which means I`m involved in the company`s big decisions every day – whether it`s crisis, strategy, compliance – no matter what day it`s required. This means that I know that I will meet with the CEO about the big picture, talk to the CFO on the financial side, attend executive committee meetings – this is a task that goes beyond purely legal work. JH: For me, the integration of the legal function, which only took place last October, would be the greatest achievement and contribution I have made so far. This meant that the company`s lawyers and compliance staff were now reporting only to the General Counsel, which gave them an independence that they may not have had in the past when we had a double report. We have to balance that by making sure we don`t become the military police, so that`s still a challenge – to be independent, but also to be appreciated. It`s a big cultural shift that evolves from being a lawyer at the end of the hallway to an integral part of the business. PARIS, Dec 9 (Reuters) – Airbus (AIR.PA) significantly increased its deployment on Thursday as part of a dispute with Qatar Airways over skin defects in A350 airliners, accusing the Gulf airline of presenting the issue as a safety issue and calling for independent legal advice.

GC: Working with defense equipment in particular has to be a challenge – are there aspects that stand out as particularly complex from a legal point of view? Barclays is in the midst of a two-year change program focused on transparency in terms of costs and business performance for the company. GC sat down with alison Gaskins, Chief of Staff to General Counsel Bob Hoyt, at the bank`s London headquarters to find out how this process has evolved and how it is progressing from here.