We have a reputation for being the most effective advocacy group in the city because we get results. In order to preserve the value of intellectual property, it is necessary to guarantee all available rights to the property, to take measures to protect that property, and to be willing to enforce those rights. We are committed to exercising the right to your well-being and protection. Defamation, privacy and reputation are closely linked. Our team understands the nuances in each of these areas. We have the experience required to provide quality representation and excellent service. An effective litigation strategy is not limited to litigation. Our team provides the implementation of strategic processes, mediation, collaboration principles and other innovative strategies to achieve our clients` interests. FIRST-CLASS CRIMINAL LAW REPRESENTATION DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IMPAIRED DRIVING / MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS BODILY INJURY FEDERAL CRIMES Effective written contracts are essentially used to recall agreements, provide advice on issues, and provide overt tools for the protection of rights and property. Internet law systematically requires lawyers to provide innovative and strategic solutions to changing dynamics affecting local and international clients.