The provisions of this section and subsection 744.3215 (4) are procedural in nature and do not create any new or independent rights or authorities with respect to termination of parental rights, dissolution of marriage, sterilization, abortion or termination of life support systems. The grounds for suspending a power of attorney do not include the existence of a dispute between the agent and the applicant that is more appropriate for settlement in a jurisdiction or legal proceeding other than guardianship proceedings. PLEASE READ THIS FORM THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY. YOU AGREE THAT YOUR MINOR CHILD IS ENGAGING IN A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. YOU AGREE THAT WHILE (NAME OF EXEMPTED PARTY(IES)) TAKES REASONABLE PRECAUTIONS IN PERFORMING THIS ACTIVITY, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOUR CHILD MAY BE SERIOUSLY INJURED OR KILLED WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THIS ACTIVITY DUE TO CERTAIN HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH THE ACTIVITY THAT CANNOT BE AVOIDED OR ELIMINATED. BY SIGNING THIS FORM, YOU WAIVE YOUR CHILD`S RIGHT AND RIGHT TO SEEK COMPENSATION FROM (NAME OF EXEMPT PARTY(IES)) IN CONNECTION WITH A CLAIM FOR PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, CAUSED TO YOUR CHILD OR FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE ARISING FROM RISKS THAT ARE NATURALLY PART OF THE ACTIVITY. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO SIGN THIS FORM, AND (NAME OF EXEMPTED PARTY(IES)) HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE YOUR CHILD`S PARTICIPATION IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM. Notwithstanding this paragraph, the Executive Director of the Office may award emergency grants if he considers that the award is in the best interests of public supervision in that State. Before granting an emergency grant, the Executive Director must obtain the written authorization of the Secretary of Ancient Affairs. Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 shall not apply to the distribution of emergency funds. The Registrar may dispose of this written declaration in accordance with the law. At the request of the guardian, the court may waive the examination fee if insufficient funds are proven in the ward`s estate.

Any guardian who is unable to pay the examination fee may ask the court to waive it. The court may waive the fee after reviewing the documents submitted by the guardian in support of the waiver. If any of these three aspects of the examination are not specified or cannot be carried out for any reason, the written report shall state the reasons for the omission. The court, after a hearing with reasonable notice, amends the plan or makes any other order necessary to protect wards. Trust, change of trust or continuing power of attorney should not be considered an alternative to appointing a guardian. The appointment of a guardian does not limit the court`s authority to determine that certain powers conferred by a continuing power of attorney may be exercised by the mandatary. The Office of Public and Professional Guardians cannot award grants to applicants from a county that has received grants for more than 6 years. This subsection does not apply to a professional tutor appointed solely as a guardian of property.

The fiscal year of the Direct Support Organization begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of the following year.