Oklahoma Court Rules and Procedure – State KeyRules (Vol. IA) identifies, organizes, and provides, in organizational form, the judicial rules, statutes, jurisprudence, and secondary resources necessary for the drafting, filing, and service of joint civil court records in the courts of the State of Oklahoma. Each overview of KeyRules corresponds to a specific submission, request or request for disclosure, contains the applicable rules of procedure and integrates them into sections by type of rule (e.g. calendar, format, filing and service, etc.). The content of the Rules of Procedure is further strengthened by relevant case law and cutting-edge secondary sources from Thomson Reuters. KeyRules provides lawyers, paralegals and other legal staff with the information they need to create, file and deliver their court documents quickly and accurately. Key features include: Oklahoma Court Rules and Procedure – State, State KeyRules and Federal (Vols. I-II) contains the rules for judicial and civil practice guidelines required for practice in Oklahoma`s state and federal courts. Oklahoma Court Rules and Procedure – State (Vol. I) provides state court rules, including: This work provides state court rules, including:.