The official website of Optimum Legal Solutions Pty Ltd is [The Company] may engage in regulated activities exempted under Part XX of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, provided that such activities arise from or supplement the reserved legal activities or other legal activities of the Company. We provide full legal assistance to obtain orders and decrees of claims, written applications, appeals, sureties and early bail, estates and wills and other administrative/office compliance regulations in accordance with the Bombay High Court process. Optimum Legal Solutions Pty Ltd is in the Industry: Legal Where is the head office of Optimum Legal Solutions Pty Ltd? The terms and conditions that apply to approved entities are set out in Rule 8 of the SRA Licensing Rules for Legal Service Entities and Licensed Entities. Optimum Legal`s philosophy is client-oriented. We acknowledge the following: Any obligation that may be imposed from time to time on [the Company] or any unauthorized manager, employee or shareholder of [the Company] by or under the licensing rules of the SRA or by or under the ICA or any other regulation. 5 Tips to Manage and Prevent Inappropriate Behaviour in the Workplace Workplace conflict stemming from inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, such as bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc., can have a negative impact on your business operations, employee morale and your company`s reputation, not to mention that these types of claims can be costly. Especially if they are poorly managed. Optimum Legal Solutions Limited is not a listed company or a subsidiary of a listed company or any part thereof owned by a publicly traded company. How many employees work at Optimum Legal Solutions Pty Ltd? 7A Brooklands Avenue SHEFFIELD S10 4GA Business Number 11577339. ✓ Our clients are our business✓ Our clients` situations and needs are unique✓ Our clients` success is crucial✓ Our long-term relationships are Catherine Thomas (authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority).