If you intend to modify your vehicle, you should first check if you need a change plate according to the type of mod and then obtain a change plate from an authorized inspection service provider. You can check if the change you want to make requires an inspection by visiting the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website. Modified vehicles must comply with Queensland Department of Transport and Major Road standards and guidelines before a change plate can be approved. Read the following documents for standards and guidelines: The best mod you can do is a $$$$$ audio system so you can move on to your next car after your P`s, which is definitely worth doing performance mods to modify a car as long as it doesn`t require mod registration, extractors = does not require mod registration. I`m in the same situation with the P laws except I`m still young, but you`re learning how to get around it. I bought my car. I`ve made all the easy changes to my P`s, my cars, which sit at about 195kW. And as the rules say, I can`t go over the 200 kW mark. I don`t intend to do that, but I`ve worked to do everything on the right side of the law and I have a fast car that I respect and keep high-speed strikes for the track, not for the road.

The way I see it, young people are stuck with the laws, so work with them, don`t fight them.my 2 cents Some common modifications that require a change plate inspection are: A tip for plating platers is to maintain your car first and if something needs to be replaced and there is an advantage to installing better quality components. Things like heavier rear anti-roll bars and minor geometric adjustments can also make a big difference in driving dynamics. The vehicle is inspected and approved by a Qld inspector qualified for compliance, safety and road safety. If the vehicle is found to be compliant, our person approved by Auto Inspections Qld will issue the change plate. The vehicle is then equipped with a modification/compliant plate, a small engraved metal plate that is attached to the chassis of the vehicle. Hey just wondering what performance mods can usually be done on P drives in New South Wales Don`t worry, well, you won`t crack 200kw anyway And don`t get carried away by the mod plate rule either. Just because it needs a mod plate doesn`t mean you can`t drive it. If you have any further questions about this information or are still unsure whether you need a vehicle modification check and a mod license plate, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Cheers Mate added them. Do you know if a melody is legal? The vehicle is tested and approved by a qualified inspector for vehicle safety certificates in Queensland in accordance with safety and traffic standards. If the vehicle is found to be compliant, Vehicle Safety Certificates Queensland will issue you with a recognized change plate. Without knowing which car you have, the best mods are better suspension, better brakes and the absolute best mod are good tires. For example, the power-to-weight ratio of a car with a maximum power of 195 kW and a net mass of 1,667 kg would be calculated as follows: Are these rules the same as for Victoria? Because next month I will have my 1. Buy a car and I was wondering the same thing. What can we do / If so. The Queensland Road Vehicle Modification Handbook contains information for vehicle owners or vehicle modifiers who wish to modify light vehicles (maximum permissible mass not exceeding 4.5 tonnes) from the manufacturer`s original specifications. Compliance with these requirements and additional guidelines ensures that your vehicle complies with all applicable Queensland regulations and safety standards. You can apply for an exemption and, if granted, you will receive a certificate that you will always need to carry with you when driving the high-performance vehicle.

Your passengers will also not be able to use a phone over speakers during the trip. If your passengers are found driving with a phone on speakers, they may be fined. Download the Queensland Road Vehicle Modification Handbook (PDF, 452 KB). If you are applying for a special distress order, your night driver`s licence begins either on the day the court issues the special distress order or, if the court does not issue a special distress order, the day after the amended suspension period expires. The position of the phone should not obscure your view of the road, and you should always keep proper control of the vehicle and drive with care and attention. Your traffic history will also be taken into account. These restrictions also apply if you are returning from disqualification for a P1 or P2 driver`s licence and were under 25 years of age at the time of the violation. These restrictions apply for the duration of the probationary period, regardless of your age.

Submission of an application does not guarantee that it will be approved. We will notify you of the outcome of your request in writing within 21 business days of submitting your request. P2 licence holders and P1 licence holders over 25 years of age may use a hands-free mobile phone, for example in a holder attached to the vehicle. This may include: If you are caught driving a high-performance vehicle and do not have an exemption, you will receive a fine and demerit points. You are allowed to drive a high-performance vehicle if you meet all of these criteria: As of July 1, 2022, our fees and charges have increased by 2.5%, in line with the government`s indexation policy. When will you turn 24? Honestly, it`s best to wait until you`re 24, because you just need to keep your P1s for 1 year and then go straight to your Open license. If you do this while you are still 23 years old, you will have to spend 1 year on P1 and 1 year on P2.www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/Licen. sional_licence/Edit: And although you`re annoyed, I still agree with them for age groups. I still know some very immature people in their early to mid-20s, and they showed enough idiocy to justify limiting the choice of vehicles. ROCK ONR ~ R power + motor = power. The wheels are fine, the suspension is good, the brakes are good, the engine work is not correct.

You`d better save your $$$ for those 3 years and buy something nice and decent later. Maybe a nice stereo that you can remove later, that`s all I`d do. ROCK ONR~R P1 and P2 licensees under the age of 25 are subject to restrictions on high-performance vehicles. The following vehicles are exempt and can be driven with a P1 or P2 driver`s licence: The Vehicle Standards Instructions (VSI) page contains publications with additional guidance, including an ISBC on minor changes to the most common changes.