The NJSPBA Legal Protection Plan is a benefit to members that covers legal fees for certain incidents arising from the conduct of law enforcement actions when civil and criminal charges arise, and most on-duty or off-duty incidents where administrative costs arise as a result of those acts. The plan currently costs only $13.00 per month or 43 cents per day! 1) Limitation of Rights: Neither the establishment or modification of the LDP, nor the establishment of a fund or account, nor the payment of benefits shall be construed as giving any other person any statutory or equitable right, action or remedy against PBLC or its officers, employees, agents, participants, members of the Board of Directors of PBLC or the President of PBLC. If the lead legal counsel is at the centre of the complaint, the participant must document in writing all issues that gave rise to the dissatisfaction and provide the documentation to the PBLC Chair. The Chair investigates the validity of the complaint and attempts to resolve it to the satisfaction of the participant. If the participant refuses to accept the reasonable measures proposed by the President of PBLC, the participant is free to hire a lawyer to represent the participant at his or her own expense. 3) LDP Maximum Expenditures: Subject to approval by the PBLC Board of Directors, no participant is entitled to and will not expect benefits totalling twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) per incident covered. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, additional funds may be used on a case-by-case basis for additional services provided to participants. 4) Other coverage: Under the LDP, participants will not receive benefits for matters in which the eligible member is represented by a lawyer under an insurance policy or other means for which the eligible member does not have to pay for legal services from his or her own resources. 5) Reasonable and Necessary Expenses: Senior Legal Counsel determines, in his or her sole discretion, what constitutes reasonable and necessary expenses for all related costs related to the defence of a participant.

The discretion that the participant agrees to with senior legal counsel includes, but is not limited to, findings regarding the need for expert witnesses, special reviews of evidence, and additional investigative requirements. Only PBLC`s Chief Legal Counsel will represent the Board of Directors or the President in the administration of this Agreement and will provide information on benefit amounts, eligibility, restrictions, restrictions and/or other provisions of the Plan. Any other written or oral statement or representation made by any other person, including other PBLC employees, PBLC Board members or PBLC President, is not authorized and is not binding on PBLC`s Board of Directors or the LDP. No implicit or explicit assurances are given about benefits not expressly stated in this LDP. Back to top Criminals: If a member receives criminal charges as a direct result of the history and scope of their duties as a law enforcement officer, the plan pays up to $50,000 per filing period for a lawyer to represent them. This includes the fees of experts deemed necessary for the defence of the members in the case. Legal Representation: Disciplinary Cases and Arbitration The Florida PBA provides you with legal representation if you are suspended, demoted, or fired by your agency. Depending on your professional status, representation can take two forms: legal assistance through a career service appeal procedure or through the complaint/arbitration procedure. Below is a letter from lawyers representing members of the department in civil proceedings. This letter contains legal information about our new policing environment in light of the adoption of City Council Decision No. 2220-A.

We strongly encourage all members to read and understand this information. The Plan undergoes an annual review and actuarial analysis to ensure it is in good financial health, and we are proud to report that the Plan is now the best financial health it has experienced since its inception as a self-funded plan in 2001. We are licensed attorneys under the State of New Jersey`s PBA Legal Protection Plan (LPP). As such, we offer a defence to members, whether they are a target in an internal investigation, a witness in an internal investigation, a defendant in a disciplinary matter, a target in a criminal matter, a witness in a criminal matter or a defendant in a civil matter. Dvorak & Associates employs retired law enforcement agencies who are available to you at all times. Sureties: If a matter falls under criminal coverage, the plan provides up to $1,000 for a bond: whether at work or outside of work, our clients sometimes find themselves on the side of the recipients of a municipal or criminal complaint. We are ready to help you defend yourself not only against underlying criminal or municipal charges, but also against the impact it may have on your employment status. We help our clients get through these challenging times successfully. LDA offers unlimited per-incident benefits for criminal, civil and administrative defense. Benefits include unlimited attorneys` fees, court fees, transcription fees, and other miscellaneous costs related to the case. All administration costs will be covered without exclusion. 9.

If you leave the plan and seek outside legal counsel, you are responsible for paying that legal advisor. The plan does not cover you or your lawyer. Whether it`s an accident (trauma) claim, a routine disability or an honourable service credit, we have the legal know-how to effectively defend your interests. We appear regularly before the Police and Fire Retirement System (PSRP). In addition to the exclusions and limitations set forth elsewhere in the LDP, the following limitations apply: (1) Geographic scope: If any proceeding, whether judicial, administrative, arbitral or otherwise, takes place outside the State of Illinois, the Commission may, in its sole discretion and in a non-discriminatory manner, decide to provide legal services, refuse legal services with or without comment, or provide legal services, but impose conditions, impose restrictions, require co-payments or otherwise impose cost-sharing obligations on the participant. 2) Non-cooperation or misrepresentation by the Participant: No benefit will be granted under the LDP to a participant who is false or does not fully cooperate with the participant`s lawyer provided by the LDP, an LDP trade representative, the LDP Board of Directors or the LDP`s Senior Legal Advisor. In these cases, the participant`s entitlement to LIP benefits and the LIP`s obligation to provide those benefits expire. In addition, if a participant has been granted benefits on the basis of false statements made by the LDP participant or one of its representatives assisting the LDP, the LDP shall have the right to require the participant to reimburse the total amount of financial expenses incurred by the LDP for services, fees and expenses (including, but not limited to: Fees for the time of PLD staff lawyers on a reasonable hourly basis) hired or engaged by the LDP on behalf of the participant. 3) Reckless refusal of a fair settlement: Nothing in the LDP obligates the Board of Directors, Chief Legal Counsel, LDP employees, or any other legal counsel remunerated by the LDP to continue to provide benefits to a participant if the LDP`s Chief Legal Counsel has determined that it is in the participant`s interest to accept an appropriate settlement proposal to resolve the participant`s case. or terminate the participant`s participation in a particular case.

This decision shall be taken on a non-discriminatory basis and shall include, inter alia, cases where the continuation of the proceedings may subject the participant to more severe civil, criminal or administrative penalties, damages, fines or lawyers` fees. 4) Third Party Claim: In the event that a Participant recovers amounts from a third party as damages (other than loss of compensation for loss of wages of the Participant), attorneys` fees or costs in the event that the LDP has provided services, the LDP shall be entitled to full reimbursement of expenses incurred by the LDP on behalf of that Participant.