A personal statement is just that: personal. Creating a memorable narrative is paramount and depends on your unique story and life experiences, especially since critics read so many personal testimonials with similar stories and themes. Like the third example above, this fourth personal statement from law school begins with an engaging first-person description and narrative. However, the author of this personal statement chooses to address a traumatic aspect of his childhood and discuss how these adversities led them to develop their desire for a legal career. The personal statement is an opportunity to showcase your personality, reflect on the experiences that led you to apply to law school, and show how you will be a great addition to the school`s next course. Moreover, this author is able to demonstrate adaptability while describing their most prestigious nominations in a way that is neither self-glorifying nor ungrateful. One of the big takeaways from this statement is the student`s commitment and flexibility, and these are two extremely important qualities that you should convey in your personal statement to law school. In short, stick to 2 pages with double spaced and only go below or above if you absolutely have to and if the school you are applying to allows it. You want to keep things as broadly applicable as possible when writing your personal statement, which means you don`t want to write a 4-page letter for the only school that allows it, and then have to rewrite it meaningfully for your other schools.

Stick to 2 sides. Finally, many law schools don`t offer hyper-specific prompts, but rather give you general topics to follow. For example, the University of Washington School of Law offers a range of topics, including “Describe a personal challenge you faced” or “Describe your passions and involvement in a project or pursuit, and how this contributed to your personal growth and goals.” These themes may seem specific at first, but when you start conceiving, you`ll likely find that you have dozens of memories to choose from and many ways to describe their impact. As the design progresses, try to explore as many of these options as possible and choose the best or most impactful options for your final design. Below are the student-created law school personal statements we followed in this guide, all another successful example of personal statements, all based on the writing process we just went through. Although the law school`s personal statement is not limited to following the instructions of the essay, you should always consider basic formatting and length restrictions. Most law schools require a 2-page personal statement, but the length can range from 2 to 4 pages. Georgetown, for example, recommends a 2-page personal statement, but specifically states that there is no official minimum or maximum.

In general, length does not make a personal statement any better. Long, meandering sentences and tedious descriptions will only detract from the impact of your ideas, especially considering the number of thousands of pages admissions committees have to sift through each year. In my fifteen years as a pre-law consultant and professor of legal writing, I have read hundreds of statements. The diversity of my students` life experiences never ceases to amaze me, and selecting 37 statements from this abundance was a difficult but enjoyable task. In addition to personal statements, I have had the privilege of reading dozens of student diversity statements that can bring a different perspective to a profession that, too often, does not reflect the experiences of all Americans. Eight of them are also collected here. I am grateful to all these students for allowing me to use their work as a learning tool for those who will follow in their footsteps. [4] Law schools want to see critical thinking skills and deep thinking in candidates` personal essays. Before you write, think about a few questions: Is your story unique to you? What was the main conflict in your story? How have you developed over time? How does this story reflect who you are now and how law school fits into you? First of all, congratulations! Writing the first draft of your personal statement is not an easy task.

But the work has only just begun! Your personal declaration should undergo several revisions before being sent. Some tips for review: To deepen my interest, I interned with a judge in New Castle County Superior Court in Delaware and completed a project that prepared briefs on hundreds of offenders. While working on the project, I came across an issue of the North Dakota Law Review that reminded me of my grandfather. He said: “The law acts as a therapeutic tool. The procedures, rules and legal roles that lawyers and judges play during the sentencing process are all social forces that have consequences. Each mission of the project revealed people who relied on the positive or negative consequences of the law to heal them. I could relate to that personally. The hard work of my family`s legal team created a kind of “consequence” that made my family whole. Seeing the legal process, both personally and as a court employee, motivated me to become a prosecutor because this role allows me to facilitate the healing process.

When discreetly deciding what to charge and to what extent, prosecutors speak on behalf of those who would otherwise have been speechless, just like my grandfather. Here I can help others see, just as I have seen how important the law can be. Before I started my current position at Joyce & Associates, an immigration law firm in Boston, I had long thought about a career in law. Growing up, I participated in family and school debates about public policy and government. At university, I found my constitutional law courses challenging and exciting. However, it wasn`t until I started working with clients like Sandra that I realized that a career in law was the right choice for me. In my role as a legal assistant in various immigration matters, I have witnessed first-hand how a career in immigration representation is both intellectually challenging and personally rewarding. I have seen how well-articulated arguments and even creativity are in arguing a client`s eligibility for an immigration benefit. I have learned to excel in critical thinking and examining details as I constantly consider the consistency and potential impact of documents provided by clients to support their application. But most of all, I realized how deserving many of these immigrants are.

Many of the clients I work with are some of the hardest working and patriotic people I`ve ever met. They showed me how valuable the immigrant community is to our country and convinced me that I will find defending the rights of immigrants extremely rewarding. A law school personal statement is an essay or multi-paragraph narrative that highlights why you are pursuing a Young Women degree. This essay is an opportunity to share your identity with an admissions committee – beyond transcripts and test results. Our sample personal statements above will help you create your own unique statement, and our personal statement template and editing services can also provide you with additional guidance. This opening anecdote or personal hook is where our only litmus test matters most. No one else should be able to tell this story like you can tell this story.