The aspiring actress left her Southern homeland for the Golden State in 1962 — “I was an innocent girl with Mississippi mud between my toes,” she said. Nett was interviewed in 1967 to become a rabbit at the LA Playboy Club, and did not leave the organization until 1979 after her marriage. During her interview, she was surprised that “Mother Rabbit” and Hefner would prefer her to become healthier. “I remember them looking at me and saying, `You`re too skinny.` So I thought I was going to gain weight. I gained 10 pounds in two months. I was still too skinny, but I was finally hired. I was persistent,” Nett said. “A Playboy bunny is hired because of his appearance. And you had to maintain a certain weight, no matter what made you look good.

They had very voluptuous ladies and some like me who were very thin. Since 2013, there have been rumors that the original design of the Playboy bunny suit was by New York fashion designer Zelda Wynn Valdes, but there is no evidence to support this. This is contradicted by stories in much older publications such as Joe Goldberg`s “Big Bunny” (1967) and Kathryn Leigh Scott`s “The Bunny Years” (1998). [5] [6] [7] 2. Submit a photo online to Playboy. If you can`t attend a casting call and feel more comfortable posting your photos, visit Playboy`s website and fill out your online application. Things that are needed: When he launched Playboy in 1960, he made the watercress code of the jacket mandatory. Men were also allowed to bring their ladies into the club.

The waitress, dressed as a rabbit, was the symbol of female sexuality. With such a legacy, being a Playboy bunny wasn`t easy then, and it`s not today. In addition to being an ultimate seductress, a rabbit must reflect a positive attitude. This is the high level that Hugh Hefner wanted to have for his brand. Models who apply to be Playboy bunnies must undergo training. The Playboy rabbit costume gained great popularity in Japan, where it lost much of its association with Playboy and is therefore simply called a “rabbit costume” (バニースーツ,[21][22] Banī sūtsu, which also means cleanroom costume in Japanese and has the same meaning in English[23]) or “Bunny Girl Outfit” (バニーガール衣装[24], [25],[26], Banī gāru ishou). It has been widely used in manga and anime; Notable examples of characters wearing it include Haruhi Suzumiya`s main character, Code Geass` Kallen Stadtfeld, Dragon Ball`s Bulma, FLCL`s Haruko Haruhara, and the unnamed protagonist from the opening animations Daicon III and Daicon IV. The outfit is mentioned in the title of the series Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, and the character Mai Sakurajima wears one in the first episode. The costume is also popularly depicted in anime and manga fan art and merchandise, even for characters who never wear it in official works. Rabbit costumes are most often worn by female characters, but they are sometimes worn by male characters, usually for comic effects.

“I think that was part of it — humiliating these girls,” Masten noted. “If you didn`t reduce [your weight] for the next month, you were suspended until you reduced your weight.” Nails should not be painful in bright colors and cheap. Apart from these requirements, a rabbit cannot wear any of its accessories like a watch or recklessly. In many states, the Playboy app requires you to be 18 and older. 18 is the standard age to become a Playboy model. There are exceptions in some states that include 19 and up or 21 and over. The rabbit costume became a symbol of Playboy clubs and was also the first commercial uniform to be registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Trademark Registration Number 0762884).

[8] [9] [10] The ultimate goal for most models or those already working is to be a Playboy bunny. Here are a few things to keep in mind before applying for this position. The rabbit`s costume must be precise. The suit has a recorded tread. Besides the fact that the rabbit must have black shoes, usually high heels, a badge that reflects his name and the Playboy logo. Shoes should also be polished. Rabbit ears should be placed at the top of the head. Hearpins should be the color of rabbit hair.

It must look beautiful. Smoked eyes are the favorite makeup of most rabbits. Decades after leaving Playboy, Nett is still grateful for her life as a rabbit. Look for real costumes that occasionally sell (both by private sellers and sometimes by Playboy) on the Playboy auction page: Nett was one of the first women of color to work at the famous Playboy Club in the 1960s. But despite all the turmoil in the world around her, she said working for the late Hugh Hefner during the 12 years she wore the white rabbit tail was a safe place. Here is some information about the general policy of hiring rabbits and the requirements of the time when Playboy clubs were in their glorious existence. I hope you like it. Aside from bruises caused by heavy trays loaded with drinks — all of which were to come with the frills of a twisted rabbit dip — Playboy employees were subjected to “humiliating” monthly weigh-ins, Masten said. A table with all the weights of the rabbits was even visible to everyone next to the scale. Keep scrolling to see how the Playboy bunny has evolved from 1953 to the present day. “If you gained weight, you`d have a really bad problem,” Singer said, “because they wouldn`t let that suit come out for you.” Later, in 1962, French fashion designer Renee Blot was hired to refine the design, and her revisions included reducing the size of the ears, adding a necklace with bow tie and cuffs with cufflinks with rabbit head, and a satin rosette with the name of the rabbit worn on the hip.