By making sure your files are prepared and ready, you can avoid downtime and damage, and streamline the shredding process. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your files for shredding. For businesses and residents who require one-time, low-volume shredding services, Augusta Data Storage offers depot shredding at our Augusta, Georgia facility. This article appears to be aimed at promoting UPS and FedEx, companies that only offer off-site shredding and are not certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. Processing corporate mail and paper documents can put your company`s, employees`, and customers` data at risk. If you clean up your files, switch to digital storage, or close a business, those items shouldn`t end up in the Trash. If your files are in cardboard boxes, please check them for items such as 3-ring folders, folder and butterfly staples, and other bulky metal items that cannot be processed by paper shredders. Here are some tips to consider. Augusta Data Storage brings you shredding with our secure mobile units.

We offer peace of mind to our customers, knowing that sensitive information never has to leave their premises intact, and provide secure containers for easy destruction and clean collection. We plan and calculate the shredding on site based on volume and routine. Growing up, my parents always used a shredder to shred their sensitive information. We did the same thing in our home, but after burning the engine of a few shredders, we had to find alternatives to make ends meet. Do you have a large amount of shredding paper? Contact your local store directly for help finding the best shredding solution and prices. Like leftover food, coffee filters, and other organic materials, unwanted paper can be added to a compost pile, where it slowly degrades over time. As with the incineration method, the documents must be crushed before composting and the materials mixed very well in the pile so as not to disturb the carbon and nitrogen balance. While composting may seem like an environmentally friendly option, it is not a safe form of document destruction and it takes a lot of time.

Some types of paper, such as those with toxic glossy coatings, are also not suitable for composting. At Blue-Pencil, we offer a range of options for commercial and residential shredding customers to prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. No order is too big or too small! We offer unique and recurring mobile shredding for all your needs, whether it`s shredding paper files, computer hard drives, non-paper media destruction and product destruction. For those who think maybe I should keep everything, just in case. Keep in mind that identity thieves cannot find the documents you have destroyed. Destroying documents containing your personal data reduces the likelihood of being a victim of identity theft. In contrast, tape shredding only cuts in one direction. These shredders can last longer, but offer less security for sensitive documents than high-performance versions. At the top end, DOD-certified models shred papers into small pieces. But they are more expensive than other options. Before we look at the different ways to eliminate documents without shredders, it is important that we first address the fundamental reasons for document destruction. If you don`t have a shredder at home, don`t worry; You can always get rid of confidential documents without one.

In this article, I will show you several alternative ways to safely dispose of your confidential and private documents without using a shredder. Regardless of your industry, you don`t want records containing personally identifiable information (PII) or proprietary data to fall into the wrong hands. Avoid throwing the following paper documents in the trash: Our scheduled shredding services are also available for hard drives and other small electronic devices. The biggest problem you may face in your business is getting employees to properly dispose of paper documents. For convenience or habit, they may throw files or mail in the trash or recycling bin. Just because you don`t have a shredder at home doesn`t mean you can`t shred your documents safely. A simple alternative to shredding at home is to use a local shredding service. As for the types of documents you should be concerned about, look for something with personally identifiable information (PII). This could be your name, address, phone number, social security number, credit card, account number, etc.

You can have your documents shredded on site, in your office, with our mobile shredder OR you can pick up your documents and have them transported to our shredder for processing.