That we, __Partner 1__, (single/married/widowed) and __Partner 2__, (single/married/widowed), and __Partner 3__, (single/married/widow), all Filipinos, adults and residents of ______, Philippines, committed on this day to form a partnership in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines; A team of lawyers and legal experts creates the templates You can use the following legal forms and contract templates free of charge for professional or personal use: • Conclusion of contracts / agreements:• Preparation of wills / deeds of assignment / donations etc.• Creation of companies / partnerships;• Preparation of corporate documents;• And other legal work. An affidavit of cohabitation is a written affidavit made by a man and a woman stating that they have lived together as husband and wife for at least 5 years without any legal impediments to marriage. Formally ask another person, under threat of legal action, to stop an activity that violates your rights. Philippine Legal Forms is the website for finding the basic formats of standard legal forms, contracts and agreements commonly used in the Philippines, such as the bill of sale. All legal forms and Philippine contracts on this website are free for website visitors to copy and revise for personal use. However, written permission is required for republication in print, online or other media. To copy a sample legal form, contract or free agreement to this site, select the entire document, right-click, copy and paste it into MS Word or Notepad. Fill in the names of the parties involved, their addresses, witnesses to the agreement and other information and have the document notarized. It is strongly recommended to consult a lawyer and have a customized document prepared that meets your requirements. It is important to understand everything in a legal document before signing it, as it is legally binding. All legal forms on this site are for reference purposes only and are provided on an “as is” basis. Use of any material on this site means that you understand and agree to release the author from any liability.

Always seek legal advice before entering into a contract, agreement or legal document. We will continue to add more legal documents and forms. The information provided on our website does not constitute a client/lawyer relationship and does not constitute legal advice. Before using and signing any form, contract or agreement, we recommend that you consult your legal advisor. Prepare the company`s internal rules for the management and administration of shareholders and directors Rent your condominium for commercial/office purposes Make an affidavit under oath that you have lived with your partner for more than 5 years. Deed of redemption of land sold under Pacto de Retro Visit our Philsite homepage for more Filipino themed websites Donate real estate (i.e. land, buildings, condominiums) to another person Get your employee`s consent to implement a flexible work arrangement for your business CLICK ON THE ITEMS TO SEE EXAMPLES (all fillable in PDF format): Rent your property (i.e. land, building) for residential purposes. In the event of late payment with this ticket plus interest when it becomes due and recoverable, I agree to pay an additional amount of ____ and if it becomes necessary to collect this ticket through a lawyer, the additional sum of _____ General Power of Attorney – This indeed authorizes your agent/agent to perform administrative acts on your behalf. The sale, mortgage or other charge on your property is a deed of ownership and cannot be covered by a general power of attorney. Make an affidavit stating that you cannot get your spouse`s consent for the transfer of assets.

Application for reinstatement of transfer Certificate of ownership An affidavit is a written affidavit from the complainant that he or she is no longer interested in pursuing the complaint or criminal proceeding against another person. The complainant will no longer assist in prosecuting the other person by not presenting evidence or witness statements. This is usually done in accordance with article 34 of the Family Code, which makes it easier for couples who have lived together as husband and wife for at least 5 years to marry without the need for a marriage certificate. The aim is to help sufficiently old and responsible couples, usually with illegitimate children, to marry without going through the rigors of meeting the requirements for a marriage certificate. Make an affidavit under oath that you are no longer interested in filing a criminal complaint or prosecution BEFORE ME, notary for and in the (province/city/municipality) of ____ (his) act and free and voluntary act, consisting of only ______ (____) page(s), including this page on which this confirmation is written, duly signed by (him) and instrumental witness(s) on each individual page.