SCF keeps loads moving. We provide integrated logistics and river transportation services on inland waterways in the United States and South America. This program provides students with the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in business and in the specialties of risk management and insurance. The SCF Group is owned by qualified lawyers in the UK and is also an EU-licensed business management and trust company, considered by many to be a pioneer in tax reduction and recommended by the Financial Times magazine “International” as one of the top 50 financial sites. Foreign real estate investors and those seeking to set up tax-efficient international trading companies – using mechanisms such as offshore, low-tax and managed companies based in countries such as Ireland, Cyprus, Switzerland and the Isle of Man – especially with regard to investments in Eastern Europe, our group has established its own offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and subsidiaries in jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, where we can carry out Swiss company formations, Luxembourg company creations and Dutch companies. In fact, we are convinced that in the case of business start-ups in the UK, Ireland and Cyprus, we are likely to be the most comprehensive service providers in Europe, whether at the level of business start-up, accounting or management. In addition, we have subsidiaries and agents in all other “significant” tax planning jurisdictions, including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore and Hong Kong. We can offer a wide range of wealth protection trusts, private interest foundations “PIF`s & ASSET PROTECTION” in countries such as Liechtenstein, Panama and Switzerland both as general methods of limiting risk against income, corporate, estate and capital gains taxes and as ideal marriage insurance policies. The SCF Group has its sales representative in London, but also its own offices in Madeira, Cyprus and Ireland. Through our unique combination of marine transportation facilities and terminal, fleet and shipyard infrastructure, we are able to provide reliable and efficient service to bulk and general cargo, liquid and containerized cargo shippers. This program prepares students to open, manage, and market their own small business. The program also prepares students to work as managers in a small and medium-sized enterprise.

An honours AS degree that allows students to progress in four years (B.A.S.) Business degree programs here at SCF or transfer your core business administration to another college or university. Next settlement date is December 31, 2022 no later than December 14, 2022. January 2023 Efficient Access to International Containerized Freight Markets Gain skills and understanding of the financial aspects of a business, effective business presentations and communications, and computerized business and accounting applications. Track the cargo as it moves through the SCF transport system. Kristen AndersonProgram Director, TRIO Student Support Services Next accounts created by December 31, 2022 and due by September 30, 2023 Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address to be shared in response to a request from a public record, do not send an email to this entity. Instead, contact the college by phone or in writing. SCF is a dynamic company with great opportunities for advancement within the company.

Safe and high-quality operating solutions for terminals, storage and maritime cargo.