This activity is based on the Supreme Court`s decision in J.D.B. v. North Carolina. In this case, the Supreme Court was asked to decide whether the age of a minor questioned by the police should be taken into account in deciding whether he was in police custody and was therefore entitled to a Miranda warning. 18. The respondent`s conduct constitutes unprofessional and/or dishonourable conduct on his part and a departure from the rules of professional conduct required of any legal professional. 14. It is the responsibility of each lawyer to comply with the provisions of the Lawyers Act, the Lawyers Act and the Lawyers Act. The lawyer must always put the interests of his clients above his own and demonstrate the highest degree of good faith in his relations with his clients. 11. A lawyer is a member of a scholarly, respected and honourable profession and, upon entering that profession, commits himself with complete and unquestionable integrity to society as a whole, the courts and the profession. During the interview, Kim identified the sources of her pseudoephedrine supply. It explained how it sells the pseudoephedrine boxes and what margin it uses for the checkouts of the various suppliers.

She also told police that the money kept in the store`s safe came exclusively from the sale of pseudoephedrine. When the police finished their search and interrogation, they left the store without arresting Kim or her son. 12. The law requires that the uberrima fides lawyer act in the greatest possible good faith in his relations with his client, which means that his observations and representations to the client must be correct, honest and open at all times. On October 20, 1999, Dennis Thompson robbed a branch of LaSalle National Bank in Peru, Illinois, and took $64,761 in cash. Nearly five years later, on September 22, 2004, FBI Special Agents Timothy Eley and Dan Lee came to Thompson`s home to question him about the robbery. The officers identified themselves in Thompson, showed him their photo identification and asked if he was willing to talk to them. Thompson agreed and invited the agents into his living room.

Once inside and as everyone stopped, officers questioned Thompson about his background. Thompson answered the agents` questions, but gave them his pseudonym David James Fowler and an alias date of birth. He denied any involvement in the bank robbery until officers showed him a sketch of the robbery suspect and called him by his first name Dennis. At this point, he realized that the officers knew his identity. 2. The case was heard on November 17, 2020. The respondent was not in court at the hearing. The judgment found in favour of the appellant and imposed a sentence suspending the respondent from the practice of counsel for a period of one year. The next four cases, decided by various courts of appeal between 2001 and 2010, will be submitted for homework reading and classroom analysis.

Use the attached tables and response key to identify the factors that determine whether a person is in custody and should therefore receive a Miranda warning. 1. That case was brought before the Court of First Instance as an application for suspension of the practice of the profession of lawyer or, in the alternative, for his name removed from the list of lawyers. As they entered the backyard of townhouse A with service weapons fired but pointed downwards, two officers, one in uniform and the other in civilian clothes wearing a vest with police insignia, found Luna-Encinas and another man, Jose, gardening. The only Spanish-speaking officer at the scene, investigator Keith Humphreys, told the two men in Spanish and in a “serious” tone that officers were looking for a specific person. Humphreys asked if there were any other men in townhouse A and if anyone had crossed the courtyard or entered the residence. Both men answered “no” to the questions. To make sure they weren`t armed, Humphreys then asked them to lift their shirts to reveal their belts, and they complied. Neither had a gun.

Humphreys asked Luna-Encinas and Jose to sit down until the residence was secured, telling them the investigation wouldn`t take long. Again, they nodded, and for ten minutes the two officers, Luna-Encinas and Jose, stood in the backyard and chatted as the investigation progressed. 10. The lawyer must strictly comply with the provisions of the Law on the Practice of the Legal Profession (Law 28 of 2014), the Law on Lawyers and the Regulations Governing the Legal Profession, in particular with regard to a client`s money entrusted to him and in his custody. [1] Trust funds do not belong to a lawyer`s assets. The essence of a trust fund is the absence of risk and the trust it creates. The unwarranted management of trust funds is totally untenable and not only contravenes the legal requirements applicable to trust funds, but also undermines the principle that an escrow account is completely secure with respect to funds held by a lawyer on behalf of another person. I need an explanation on how to summarize the case. Law 28 of 2014 on Legal Practice – Lawyers must be admitted and registered as a lawyer as a lawyer – Article 115 preserves the right of any person entitled to practice the profession of lawyer, lawyer, promoter or notary before the entry into force of the law to be admitted thereafter – Compliance with the law extends to infinity – Article 32 empowers the Council of Legal Practice to: convert a solicitor`s registration without appeal to the High Court – section 32 orders the Council for Legal Practice to register a solicitor as a solicitor if the practitioner qualifies for admission as such within the meaning of the Legal Practice Act.

Investigators obtained evidence that Insook Kim (“Kim”) store, the “Lil` Brick Deli,” was selling large quantities of pseudoephedrine, the main chemical precursor in methamphetamine production. An undercover investigator bought a box of pseudoephedrine from her employee Sang Kyun Kim in Kim`s store. Shortly thereafter, on August 3, 2000, police executed a search warrant at Lil` Brick Deli, where they found Kim`s 18-year-old son, Kevin, who ran the store. They read Kevin`s search warrant, handcuffed him and began questioning him. Kevin`s handcuffs were removed during the search — before Kim entered the store — but police continued to question her. Kim and her husband, who co-owned the store, were at home on the morning of the search. An officer came to their home looking for Sang Kyun Kim, who had previously lived in their house. After the agent`s visit, Kim tried to reach her son Kevin at the store. Since no one was answering the phone, Kim and her husband were alerted and went to the store to see if anything was wrong.

Meanwhile, the officials had approached the façade of the A. Caceres townhouse. One official said a drug investigation was ongoing. Caceres allowed the police to enter the apartment. Caceres told officers that several people were upstairs and asked them to come downstairs. One of the men coming down the stairs was identified as Pulido; He was arrested and put in a squad car. Caceres agreed to a search of his apartment, where officers found the weapons box in the bedroom closet.