Of the thousands of fish species found in Florida waters, the vast majority have no specific regulations. These “unregulated” species include some very popular sport fish commonly caught by recreational anglers, such as white grognon, gulf catfish (whiting), Gafftopsail catfish, ladybug, coxker, bonito, pinfish and jack crevalle. The list also includes thousands of other species that are less often targeted, but sometimes randomly caught, including pikefish, American eel, silver perch, croaker, hard-headed catfish, cownosis rays, some stingrays and many others. Since the introduction of the new rules, members of Victoria`s commercial fishing industry have seen unintended and significant impacts on the viability and commercialization of businesses. Fisheries Victoria responded quickly to this issue by reducing the minimum legal size for silver mackerel in Victorian waters to 20 centimetres after consultation with key representative organisations of recreational and commercial fisheries. The minimum legal size of silver mackerel caught in Victorian waters was adjusted to 20 centimetres after consultation with commercial and recreational fishing groups. Earlier this year, a regulatory review aimed at simplifying the rules for recreational fishers led to changes in the minimum legal size for silver mackerel to 23 cm. This regulatory amendment also applied to commercial fishing in Victoria. There are general rules that apply to all three forms of recreational net fishing, but due to the different gear and fishing techniques, there are also rules specific to each type of recreational net. PO Box 962 Williamstown Vic 3016 Phone: 03 9399 9194 Mob: 0418 587 799 Email: info@shipmate.com.au Payments accepted: Bank transfer, check or credit card via PayPal There is no evidence that commercial (or recreational) fishing in this way is a sustainability issue in Victorian waters. A new fish length rule is currently in production that will indicate the change and will be available soon. The term “unregulated” can be misleading because standard requirements for recreational equipment still apply and there is a standard baggage limit (below) set by Florida law for all species caught by a recreational fisherman.

Harvested quantities exceeding the standard recreational catch limit (which are defined as commercial quantities) and the commercial sale of all unregulated species require a saltwater product licence. A recreational net licence is required to catch, cast (gill) or cast (cast) nets. Do you offer a business or service directly to boaters, would you like a free registration in Shipmate? Then click here to add your details Want to learn more about advertising opportunities with Shipmate? Recreational fishing with nets is only allowed in Western Australia`s ocean and estuarine waters, not freshwater, and most Western Australian estuaries are closed to protect juvenile stocks. Check: Please mail cheques to: Shipmate Directories, PO Box 962 Williamstown Vic 3016. Direct Deposit: Our BSB and account number will appear on your invoice and/or bank statement or contact us for more details. For more information, check out our guide to recreational net fishing.