Jayne also celebrated her legal victory on Instagram on Wednesday, writing: “Thank you to my friends who stood next to me. All I asked for was time and understanding. The court`s decision follows a legislator-mandated state audit by the bar association, which blamed the agency for decades of mistakes that provided Girardi with cover. The audit found that California`s advocacy monitoring system was not adequately investigating lawyers “despite lengthy complaint procedures against them.” It`s one problem after another, one lawsuit after another for Erika Jayne. While her husband Tom Girardi and his former law firm have been accused of embezzling nearly $500 million from clients and partners in the past, she has again been described as the front man of what is considered the “largest extortion company” of all time in plaintiffs` law. The prosecution claims that the RHOBH star was aware of the alleged plans from the beginning and even funneled the questionable funds through his entertainment company EJ Global LLC and his personal belongings. And apparently, there are even more legal problems for her after she refuses to hand over an expensive gift that Girardi gave her. The TV personality`s legal troubles first made headlines in November 2020 after she filed for divorce from Tom Girardi. Erika, who joined the Bravo series alongside her then-husband in 2015, was later named in a fraud lawsuit accusing her and Tom of embezzling $2 million in plane crash settlement funds. Last month, Tom — a once-famous lawyer known for his work on the case that inspired Erin Brockovich`s film — was placed on a permanent porch after being diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer`s.

And what Erika knew until now about her husband`s alleged illegal business remains unclear. Jayne also faced potential legal consequences if she used money from Girardi`s clients to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. The reality star has previously defended his spending habits — including a huge $14 million American Express Tab. “I didn`t want to do that, and that`s the truth,” she said. “It also doesn`t do me much good to talk about what`s happening legally or what will happen legally, because I`m married to someone who is very good at it.” The legal representative added that the trustee had already responded to an offer to “put the earrings in an escrow account pending a final decision from the court.” As they say, the trustee actually has the key to the locker where the earrings are currently located. One might assume that Erika Jayne is fighting so hard for Tom Girardi`s controversial earrings because she herself may soon need the recipes here. Amid one of the many other ongoing litigation it faces, a $5 million lawsuit, the plaintiffs involved say it is seeking an “unfair advantage” by delaying the discovery process until the next hearing. They demanded that the fees be filed by EJ Global so they could continue on that front, which one judge tentatively accepted. However, as a result, the artist later filed in court that she was unable to pay the huge amount of unpaid taxes for the company that was delaying things. The lawsuit alleged that Jayne, who filed for divorce just a month before Girardi`s legal troubles began, filed for divorce so she could “fraudulently protect Tom and Erika`s money from those who were trying to collect Tom`s debts and his law firm, GK.” This doesn`t quite fall into the category of legal issues, but it`s worth noting that Jayne claimed her husband was having an affair — with a California judge. People reported, citing a source, that Jayne thought Girardi was cheating on them. Us Weekly notes that Jayne posted and then deleted alleged screenshots of texts, claiming they showed her husband`s bond.

“She was f-king my husband Tom Girardi and he paid his Saks bill and paid for his plastic surgery,” Jayne reportedly wrote. But she was a little more accommodating with reality TV cameras. In the June 9 episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jayne sends her cast her decision to divorce Tom. “This is going to be difficult,” she wrote, thanking her friends for their support. Two episodes later, on June 23, she spoke to her cast about the decision on election night. “I literally made a decision I had to make,” she said. Jayne went on to say that she “tried to talk to Tom and find out” but “encountered such resistance.” Jayne added, “It also doesn`t help me talk much about what`s happening legally or what`s going to happen legally because I`m married to someone who is very good at it.” Later, at a dinner with Lisa Rinna, Jayne said, “He didn`t give me any space, and that`s the only way I can say it now.” “For the first 10 years of our marriage, I was by Tom`s side,” the “XXPEN$IVE” singer said in an episode of RHOBH in February 2017. Imagine that! “I think it would be a bad legal story and I think it would have disappeared,” she continued. “I think because I`m on a reality show, it`s getting bigger.” Although Erika has not been charged with any crime, one of the biggest questions posed in the documentary – and in the current season of RHOBH – is what she knew when it came to Tom`s legal problems. Bravolebrity also claimed that if she wasn`t a reality TV star, her legal drama and Girardi`s wouldn`t have been as “magnified.” In March, Tom`s lawyers claimed he had “problems” with “mental competence,” and it was later revealed that he had been diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer`s disease.

In the meantime, however, fans can still read what Erika Jayne has to say about her legal issues in the current twelfth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. New episodes will air Wednesdays and the next day for Peacock Premium subscribers. He was compulsive, on golf courses and in steakhouses. He regularly organized lavish parties for the legal community, with artists such as Jay Leno and Styx. He was close to lawyers and judges. Jayne had previously denied a “sham divorce” and any involvement or knowledge of Girardi`s alleged illegal activities. But at some point, Edelson began to suspect that his customers hadn`t received their money either. Comparisons of mass crimes are usually complex. There are privileges to clarify, medical bills to pay, legal fees to cover. Different claimants receive different amounts depending on the amount of their damages. Often, complainants don`t even know how much to get, so they don`t know when to complain. Edelson demanded proof that its customers had been paid.

Girardi responded with vague and ever-changing excuses. Edelson became more suspicious. In recent months, former couple Erika and Tom Girardi has faced several lawsuits, allegations of embezzlement, insolvency proceedings and fictitious divorce petitions. Their marital bitterness, which seemed to play out like many celebrity divorces, was quickly replaced by an unexpected onslaught of legal trouble for Jayne and Girardi. Some of his clients claimed that he pocketed their settlement money for personal use – and that the divorce was a ruse to hide his ill-gotten gains. Two days later, Erika`s legal team responded to the request in its own court filing, saying it “was and remains willing to cooperate fully with the trustee`s investigation into this bankruptcy of debtor Girardi & Keese.” But in the winter of 2020, surprising revelations turned the picture upside down. Girardi was broke. His wife divorced. Dozens of lawyers, lenders and clients — victims of misconduct and negligence by companies for which Girardi once seemed like a savior — said Girardi stole their money, lied to their faces (or phones), over and over again.

This is perhaps the biggest legal scandal in the state of California. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times in 1997, a San Francisco attorney said Girardi “can take a complex set of facts and reduce them to a very understandable situation for a jury. He is not a great reader of law books, but he is dynamite in front of a jury. He was just as invincible in mediation, where he could force huge settlements, as he was in the Hinkley case. “Often, insurance companies have agreed with him alone on reputation,” says lawyer Philip Sheldon. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne won her case this week against former colleagues of her ex-husband (famed lawyer Tom Girardi), who sued her for fraud in 2020, Jayne`s lawyer confirmed to the Los Angeles Times.