Quantfury is a global brokerage firm that offers commission-free trading and investing at real-time spot prices on global exchanges. The company offers users the ability to trade and invest without commissions or lending fees at real-time spot prices on the NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, Bats, Binance, and Coinbase exchanges. Quantfury`s products include a retail and investment platform. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Nassau, Bahamas. She passed her state examination at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen and obtained her LL.M. International Trade Law at the University of Nottingham. She completed her training at Clifford Chance and Freshfields in Frankfurt before working for 4 years at Audi in global litigation and product liability law. She then joined Tesla as Corporate Counsel. She is passionate about legal innovation and advises various legal departments on the digitization of their processes and structures. She is fascinated by how digitalization can help us be more efficient and connected across businesses, industries and regions. Upon my return to Germany, I did a 2-year internship at Clifford Chance and then at Freshfields. After that, I spent 4 years at Audi as Global Litigation and Product Liability Law Counsel before joining Tesla, and now I am Senior Legal Counsel at Trade Republic.

Karsten Müller has been legal counsel of sino AG since 2005. The other resorts were Lang & Schwarz Wertpapierhandel AG, where he legally supported the development of warrant and certificate trading, and Schneider Rechtsanwälte – with a focus on stock exchange and banking law, securities trading and capital market law. Karsten has been the Managing Director of Trade Republic since the beginning and is responsible for the legal department. She writes an Instagram account that reports on the importance of legal innovation and women`s empowerment. She is a regular speaker in podcasts and has also spoken at conferences on women`s empowerment in law in Germany. I couldn`t name 3 specific people who are my role models, but I would say that every woman who asserts herself in every situation where she is judged unequally simply because she is a woman is a role model for me. Don`t accept criticism from people you would never turn to for advice. I grew up as a Muslim woman. Obviously, teenage life seems pretty crazy anyway and we`re all trying to discover ourselves and our place in life. I realized that I looked different from most of my classmates and therefore it was harder for me to fit in, especially with cool kids! I was born in Giessen, a town near Frankfurt. My father is from Iraq and my mother from Lebanon.

To be honest, I didn`t think much about models until 2-3 years ago. Personally, I have always been determined to go my own way and plan what I wanted to do. I had always assumed that models were people you wanted to copy. That feeling that it`s important when strangers like a photo you`ve posted or the desire for them to make a comment that gives you some form of consent. That desire for social media to recognize you as pretty or funny or smart. As I freed myself from the burden of making everyone happy and the pressure to meet all of life`s expectations, I suddenly felt I could prioritize what really matters to me. I had the freedom to discover what my own passions are and what will make me happy. What I have now realized is that even if you are the nicest person on earth, there will always be at least 1 person who does not like you! It`s really easy to assume that people are doing things we don`t like because they`re bad! But the truth is, you just don`t know what personal challenge or even crisis they might face in their personal lives. Ironically, I recently saw something on Instagram that really attracted me! He said, “Why do you want everyone to love you if you don`t even love everyone?! To paraphrase something I read in a book on this point: “It`s much easier to sit in the arena than to fight in the ring.” We can all criticize from afar people who show enough courage to do things, to try. Certainly, we will make mistakes, but we try and above all we learn and grow from our experience. However, it turns out that the United Nations does not pay you anything during internships and it is very expensive to live in Switzerland! Instead, I started working for Linklaters, earned some money, and then went to England to study my MA in International Trade Law at the University of Nottingham.

Challenging the status quo is hard – it`s exhausting, it`s unpopular. But I want to contribute to the mission, so I`m going to sit down and write an article to draw attention to one aspect of women`s empowerment in my spare time and on vacation. Or I find the time to prepare a presentation or sometimes just meet someone for a discussion that I know will broaden my knowledge and broaden my understanding of a particular topic. Not taking risks is probably the biggest mistake you can make in life. We all have so much potential, so much to do, that we should never be so afraid of mistakes and challenges that we get stuck and only want to do the things we already know we can do.