In consultation with the person responsible for the Master of Arts in Legal Studies, students create their own program and thus deepen their basic legal knowledge according to their personal interests. They take some of the compulsory subjects from the Bachelor`s programme – Introduction to Law, Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Public Law and Criminal Law – and combine them with freely selectable subjects from the Bachelor`s and/or Master`s programmes. This Master`s programme can receive the distinction “Bilingual Curriculum, Français/German”. Students are free to choose to complete their studies in one language or to take exams in German and others in French, thus fulfilling the requirements for this award. “At GACA, we work with consultants and experts from Germany, the UK, Singapore and the US who do a good job for us because of their legal culture. This put me in a position where I have to incorporate what they say into Saudi law, which I couldn`t do without the variety of topics I received in this master`s program. Understanding the different legal cultures is extremely important in order to allow a simple and smooth adaptation abroad in international affairs. I believe this is an important part of the master`s program, which has given me an excellent overview that helps me understand others and find solutions that fit my legal culture. Fribourg Law is the only law school in Switzerland and one of the few in Europe to offer a degree program that covers all areas of regulatory compliance, a specialty that aims to help companies meet their regulatory obligations. Compliance is an emerging area of interdisciplinary legal practice with growing global career opportunities.

Please see the LLM in Compliance page. Start of studies in the fall semester (September) or spring semester (February) Faculty of Law Rachele Tiziani Tanner, Student Advisor and Academic Coordinator (French) “I really enjoyed being a student in the CAS program in International Contracts, the teaching staff was brilliant and the lessons very rewarding. I particularly benefited from the course “Contract Law in Comparison”, in which I learned a lot about the different legal systems of the world. In addition, I took the opportunity to improve my English and French skills, which is also very useful in my current position in the legal department of an international pharmaceutical company. And finally, I met a lot of people from all over the world who became friends. Conclusion: It was a great experience in a very inspiring atmosphere, both professionally and culturally! “As an LLM student in International Contracts and Arbitration at the University of Fribourg, I had invaluable experience with the program. The courses are not only extensive and fascinating, but are also taught by the best academics and practitioners in their field, who are open to interaction and eager to teach. It should be noted that the program is very convenient; with a series of draft contracts and advocacy sessions that allow students to put theory into practice. In addition, there are many internship opportunities in international committees or renowned law firms during your studies.

For all these reasons, I feel confident, well equipped and ready for a successful professional career. Holders of a non-legal Bachelor`s or Master`s degree from a Swiss university can be admitted to the Master of Arts in Legal Studies without additional requirements. The same applies to holders of a legal or non-legal Bachelor`s degree or Master`s degree issued by a foreign university, provided that the degree is recognised by the University of Fribourg and considered equivalent. The LLM/iimt (Executive MBA, Executive Diploma, Executive CAS) programs combine the experience and expertise of an innovative teaching team in developing participants` legal knowledge and skills, as well as leadership skills in national and international affairs. For more information, see (French) (German) with a Bachelor`s degree from a Swiss university of applied sciences may also be admitted subject to additional conditions (may be completed during the Master`s programme). You must submit a written thesis during the first semester of the semester. Job offers This study program is aimed at people who wish to acquire a sufficient legal level for their professional activity. It prepares them for management and advisory activities in areas such as communal, cantonal and federal administration, social services, associations, the private sector and international organizations, paving the way for future careers as diplomats, journalists, politicians, teachers or legal informaticians. It is the only bilingual university in Switzerland and offers a comprehensive academic curriculum in French and German.

A number of Master`s programmes are taught in English and the University offers a wide range of opportunities for doctoral and doctoral studies as well as international exchanges and summer course programmes. Founded more than 250 years ago, the Faculty of Law of Fribourg is at the forefront of legal education in Switzerland. Its high-level and innovative programs, practice-oriented training and international teaching staff have earned an undisputed reputation nationally and internationally, offering one of the best degrees for companies and law firms in Switzerland and abroad. The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Compliance is intended for practicing lawyers as well as legal compliance officers of national and multinational companies, non-governmental organizations or international organizations. The program also welcomes graduates with a college degree other than law who have hands-on experience in regulatory compliance. The program is aimed at professionals in major economic sectors who have a high need for a demanding training in law, but who do not need (or do not want) to become lawyers. This program unlocks this training from one of the best law schools and provides access to the best legal education in the world. With an emphasis on flexibility and comfort, this program is suitable for both active and full-time students. The Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Contracts and Arbitration meets the requirements of lawyers working in independent law firms or in the legal departments of multinational or other international corporations, or in non-governmental or international organizations.

The programme is also open to graduates graduating in disciplines other than law with professional experience in international contracts and dispute resolution. Located in the heart of Switzerland and Europe, Fribourg is located on the linguistic border between the French and German-speaking regions of the country. This privileged geographical location makes Fribourg a natural bridge between different languages and cultures. Studying at the University of Fribourg offers you a unique opportunity to learn several languages. The Master of Arts in Legal Studies is designed for individuals who wish to gain in-depth basic knowledge of law, but do not wish to complete a full law degree. It is mainly aimed at non-lawyers who are interested in Swiss law in the context of their professional activities or lawyers with a foreign legal degree. Students create their own program that allows them to deepen their legal knowledge based on their personal interests.