VanToorn legal is a small Dutch law firm with excellent knowledge of Dutch contract law. Among other things, we advise and support our clients in the following areas: We offer our clients legal assistance in the context of contracts. We prepare them for you and advise you on the content. In addition to advice, we also assist clients in proceedings, for example if the other party does not comply with the agreement. Horses are her greatest passion, which is why Annemarie specializes in horse law. She combines her knowledge and love of equestrian sports with her legal knowledge and experience in the legal profession. Litigation may never be the starting point, especially when it comes to horses. Procedures are often time-consuming, expensive and high-risk. Therefore, first, we will always try to find a solution in consultation with the other parties and their lawyers. However, if this approach does not produce results, we will not hesitate to take legal action. Our clients` interests always come first.

Are you looking for a Dutch family law lawyer? VanToorn Legal`s specialist family practice handles divorce and related matters, where international aspects often play a role. The firm specializes in international family law and child abduction. A dispute may never be the starting point, but if a dispute is necessary, it must be conducted properly. Litigation is not an easy task. With more than twenty years of experience in litigation, we advise you in a legally competent manner, define the strategy with you and accompany you during the hearing. We also support you in conducting international proceedings on international issues. The strength of the law firm lies not only in its legal knowledge and many years of experience in the practice of litigation, but also in the personal confrontation with its clients. VanToorn legal is a small Dutch law firm with a practice focused on entrepreneurs and individuals, particularly in the following areas of law: Annemarie van Toorn has more than twenty years of experience as a lawyer (litigation) and more than thirty years of experience as a runner (competition). Annemarie is not only a lawyer, but also an experienced mediator. Has your child been kidnapped? Time is of the essence! You must act immediately. VanToorn Equine Law is a trading name of VanToorn Legal. A small Dutch law firm based in Rotterdam and a second (meeting) venue in Bergen op Zoom.

Horse law is our niche. Horse law requires a lawyer to have extensive knowledge of horses, the equestrian industry and the jargon used. According to the Dutch Civil Code, a horse is not “property”, but Dutch property law applies. This means that the horse is considered movable property. However, the horse is a living creature with different uses and other risks. This must be taken into account, for example, when drawing up a purchase contract. One of our focal points is international (private) law. When concluding and drawing up international agreements, the rules of private international law, treaties and European regulations should always be taken into account. Which court has jurisdiction? Which law applies? This must also be taken into account when evaluating treaties, and knowledge of international law is of paramount importance. Often, two or three conversations are enough, provided that both parties have the will to settle it together.

Mediation is voluntary and confidential. An amicable settlement is almost always preferable. Court proceedings are time-consuming and often very costly. Mediation can be a good alternative. With a neutral mediator, you enter into dialogue with each other in order to find a good solution. It is increasingly common for veterinarians to be held accountable. In most cases, the complaint is declared unfounded or the claim is dismissed by the court. A bad result for the complainant, but unfortunately also for the veterinarian.

Because of the complaint, he had to call his insurer and his annual premium increases even though he wins the case. You can contact us for advice and help, for example: Annemarie van Toorn holds a degree in Dutch law (private law) from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After her studies, she worked for several years as a lawyer for the union and the municipality. She was sworn in as a lawyer in 1999. After training and an internship, she became an independent lawyer in Rotterdam in 2003.