Focusing on verbs will require you to consider the purpose of your sentence and place key information in the place of the verb where your reader will notice it. Moreover, when considering whether the new paragraph 9 was really a compromise between options 1 and 2 of the old text, due account should be taken of the actual issues dealt with in the paragraph, and not only of the verbs used. In addition, paragraph 9 should be read in conjunction with another text of the decision (paragraph 9, i.e. paragraphs 6 and 7 and paragraphs 13, 15 and 16), which may impose a greater obligation on Parties with respect to certain activities. The law would apply to adults 21 and older, just like in the other 15 states and the District of Columbia that have already legalized the drug. Our writers are able to draft legal content for virtually any area in any U.S. jurisdiction, including practice in federal courts. One of the “problems” with bilingual legal dictionaries is that most contain mostly nominal entries of a word. But my students and lawyers need many verbs to explain Spanish law to their English-speaking clients. This week we wrap up an 18-hour session on criminal proceedings, and below I share a list of the “40 best crimpro verbs (and their prepositions!)” that we used in class.

The industry is pushing for it to be legalized nationwide, but for now, the extract is considered a controlled substance if it comes from cannabis plants. All our legal content is reviewed and processed by our team of copywriters. Publishers ensure that content is relevant to the desired jurisdiction and field of activity. In addition, our writers proofread content for spelling, grammar and plagiarism. “Should” is a mandatory term as opposed to a permissive term such as “may” or a hortatory term such as “should”. Accordingly, the term “shall” is generally used when a party seeks legally binding commitments. The recent proliferation of sports betting is not surprising, as state governments have long turned to legalizing gambling to solve financial problems during the economic crisis. This conviction or claim tends to increase their power in an astonishing way and contributes no less to the legalization of their measures. to be prevented from introducing evidence obtained ILLEGALLY INTO the trial 1. The use of the word “decides” (with “agrees”) is the strongest of the verbs commonly used in UN negotiations and decisions. The term “decides” generally means that the decision of the Conference of the Parties is intended to create a binding obligation, although the exact legal effect depends on the content of the remaining provision and the legal conduct and expectations of the Parties. Arkansas residents will decide Tuesday whether to legalize the sale of an intoxicating substance nationwide.

Of the three verbs (“requests”, “urges” and “decides”), “decides” is the strongest and (with “agrees”) is conceptually different from the other verbs used by the COP. These two requirements require action, while the others (“requests”, “urgent”, “recommend”, “invite”, “encourage”, etc.) confer different discretions on the addressee of the decision. As the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, Denmark still hovers its banner. When discussing the implications of verbs at the beginning of the paragraph, it`s important to keep another point in mind. While the verb used at the beginning of the sentence is important, the content of the paragraph itself is equally important. As noted above, two paragraphs, each beginning with “decides”, may create different types of obligations (mandatory or arbitrary) depending on the language used (e.g. should or should). In New York City, recently legalized battery-powered two-wheelers were most often used by delivery people. Legal blog writing and legal content services require a level of skill, knowledge, and oversight that you simply can`t fake. Our professional legal writers include paralegals, legal secretaries and lawyers. Each item is inspected and processed by a practicing lawyer prior to delivery. Work to build credibility in the community and with potential new customers.

Our writers have experience with search engine optimization (SEO) to bring real leads to your law firm. There are no official UN guidelines that specify the exact meaning of introductory (verb-based) sentences contained in pre-ambulatory and operational paragraphs of UN resolutions or decrees. In international law, the term has its ordinary meaning, unless the Parties themselves agree otherwise (article 31, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties). Also look for vague verbs like “have,” “worried,” “involved,” or “deals with” that don`t convey an actual action. These words can often be replaced by an action verb. For example, the verb “to have” should only be used to communicate possession.6 If the sentence communicates an action, replace the verb “to have” with the verb that conveys the true action of the sentence. “Ryan solved our year-old problem of having a legal writing team that could deliver great legal content on time.” The use of the words “urges” and “requests” is discretionary only. However, we believe that “urges” is generally interpreted as the strongest recommendation that “recommends”.

Therefore, of the three verbs, “recommends” would be considered the mildest obligation and not a compromise between “decides” and “urges”. Often we lawyers hurt our potential ally the verb. We tend to weaken the power of our verbs by turning them into long nouns with verbal roots called nominalizations. Basic verbs are underlined in the following examples of nominalizations: This would mean legalizing the disorder of all monetary transactions and depriving each creditor of one-fifth of his debt. In addition to questions relating to the strict legal status of decisions of the Conference of the Parties in international law, “decision” is the strongest form of obligation that a Conference of the Parties can create. The exact legal status and effects of a decision always depend on its content (see below) and a Party`s legal behaviour and expectations, but the use of the verb “decides” suggests rather that the decision of the Conference of the Parties is intended to create a binding obligation. You don`t want to get married to legalize this extraordinary situation we find ourselves in? To paraphrase Peter Tosh, if Illinois legalized it, would you promote it? While many other states have slowly taken steps to legalize marijuana, Amendment A would make it the first state in the country to simultaneously legalize medical and recreational marijuana. The Ashburton Treaty was not the law of Canada because the government had failed to legalize it by law. To make your writing more lively and effective, focus on your verbs. For those who did not learn the parts of the language in school, the “subject is the part of a sentence about which something is said” and the verb “says something about what the subject is [a state of being] or [an action] does”. 1 1. What is the procedural and legal difference between the word “request” and “decide” and “urge”? If the president takes unilateral action to legalize millions of people, King said, “it will lead to a constitutional crisis.” The law could legalize the king`s inclination, and who dares to challenge his decrees? Despite the obvious appeal, there`s a good chance Arkansas will legalize alcohol nationwide in 2014.

To get the same work from the noun “assumption” that you made from the verb “assume,” you need two additional words, a supportive verb (to do) and an article (the). If the word “agree” is changed to “agree,” you will need three additional words, a support verb (to come), a preposition (to), and an article (to). This allows you to use your words more effectively and comply with court-imposed page limits by simply using the basic verbs. It is the act of asking for something, especially as a favor or courtesy. As with “requests”, actions “requested” by the parties are discretionary – there is no strict obligation for recipients to comply with the request (although there may be political reasons for doing so).