If you are a lawyer in New South Wales or Victoria, your CPD legal requirements and CPD rules are prescribed by the Uniform Law Profession Act 2015. This Act provides rules for many aspects of the legal profession, such as the number of CPD points required each year in Victoria and New South Wales (referred to as “CPD units”). There are four DPC fields under the rules. Here is a list of their abbreviations: The CPD Rules for Lawyers and the Rules for Lawyers describe the types of professional development activities for which you can undertake and earn CPD points. The CPD Rules have been developed by the National Professional Associations, the Law Council of Australia and the Australian Bar Association and approved by the Legal Services Council as Uniform Rules. Under the Uniform Act, we are responsible for compliance with CPD rules. We have delegated certain functions related to CPD compliance to the Law Institute of Victoria (for lawyers) and the Victorian Bar Association (for lawyers). No – to clarify the content, format and units of CPD in order to achieve the required 10 CPD units, refer to the following rules: A lawyer is required to retain records and evidence of his or her own CPD legal courses and activities for three years. The review of records and evidence is the responsibility of the lawyer. Further explanations can be found in the CPD rules. While the Leo Cussen Law Centre offers CPD programs for lawyers, we cannot take responsibility for lawyers` CPD obligations.

We have prepared below a simple summary of CPD requirements in Victoria and New South Wales, but we encourage all lawyers to read the CPD rules in their entirety to determine which CPD requirements for Victoria or your home state apply to you. The rules explain that you must complete 10 CPD units in each CPD year, including at least one CPD unit in each of the following areas: Lawyers, unless exempt, must complete at least 10 continuing professional development (CPD) units in a CPD year (April 1 to March 31). As a lawyer, the professional training requirements must be met to obtain a practical certificate. Videos on various topics can be found by legal area and filtered by videos in the Risk Tips section of this website. Each year of CPD, lawyers must also complete at least one (1) CPD legal unit in the following four areas: To learn more about available LPLC events and areas covered, refer to the LPLC Training Calendar. 6.1 Unless exempted in whole or in part by the local regulatory body designated under Rule 16 (Exceptions) or a prorated calculation under Rule 10 (Prorated Calculations) applies, a lawyer must complete 10 CPD units in each CPD year, including at least one CPD unit in each of the following areas: Our Practice Management CPD and Professional Skills CPD courses are two of the most popular CPD law courses we offer, CPD Professional Skills is an effective way to master the challenging areas of legal practice. Interactive audio/visual online offers participants the opportunity to interact with CPD material or requires interaction as it includes elements such as: Composition of the Legal Committee, Working Group or Practice Department The Victorian Bar Association and the Law Institute of Victoria also have valuable information and resources on CPD on their websites. The Law Institute of Victoria`s Specialisation in Accreditation programme can also be completed as part of your CPD for a total of 10 points.

The program is an industry-led certification that demonstrates a high level of theoretical knowledge applied practically in everyday business. Accredited Specialization is an expert-based, self-directed, non-curriculum-based program for experienced lawyers. Lawyers must demonstrate superior knowledge, experience and skills in a particular area of law in order to become an accredited specialist and must maintain their accreditation. Becoming a specialist distinguishes practitioners as experts in their field and is a definitive sign of excellence for colleagues and clients. Currently, the program accredits more than 1,100 specialists in 16 areas of law. There are several ways to complete CPD. For a more rewarding experience, we recommend planning at least some of your CPD in advance and trying different formats and delivery methods. You can: Applicable CPD legal entities are identified at the time of purchase for all Leo Cussen programs and products. The private study of audiovisual material is passive, that is, it is a study that does not give participants the opportunity to interact with the material, for example. to view a seminar, lecture or recorded presentation.

This is limited to 5 hours. CPD rules for lawyers and lawyers differ slightly, so make sure you are familiar with the CPD rules that apply to you. If you change roles during the CPD year to become a lawyer or vice versa, please read our CPD Policy. Address Level 13, 140 William Street Melbourne VIC 3000 The CPD year begins on April 1 of each calendar year and ends on March 31 of the following year. Lawyers must complete at least 10 CPD points in a CPD year. Lawyers must complete at least 1 CPD point per CPD year in each of the following categories: When you apply to renew your articling certificate, you must indicate whether you have met your CPD obligations for the CPD year. The year of the CPP runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. If your circumstances change during the year and you are concerned that you will have difficulty meeting your obligations, you may be eligible for an exemption. any records that counsel must keep in accordance with these rules; and the Victorian Law Society`s Continuing Professional Development Program provides lifelong learning for a lawyer`s career to maintain a high level of excellence. LPLC has a record of who has registered for an event and issues an invoice/tax receipt upon purchase. Registrants will also receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder email, but LPLC cannot confirm if you attended the entire session. a statement of the lawyer`s reasons for asserting that all activities performed by the lawyer meet all requirements for CPD activities under these Rules; and 6.2 Where a partial exemption under Rule 16 (exemptions) or a pro-rata calculation under Rule 10 (pro-rata calculations) applies, the mandatory fields must be completed as part of the remaining CPD units. If you require further clarification on CPD requirements and rules, you should contact the Victorian Legal Services Board. Copyright Law Institute of Victoria Limited 2021 | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | ACN: 075 475 731 NB: 32 075 475 731. Private study of relevant audiovisual material (the private study itself is not eligible). We believe it is important to provide our members with the highest level of education. As in the legal profession as a whole, our members are required to complete a continuing professional development (CPD) program. Continuing professional development positions lawyers as leading experts in the provision of legal services and fosters professional excellence among members of the Bar Association. For Leo Cussen`s programmes and audiovisual material, a CPD unit usually lasts one hour. Therefore, meeting the annual statutory CPD requirements in Victoria and New South Wales would likely require approximately 10 hours of CPD. However, please refer to the following table and CPAP rules.

The chart is only an indication of CPD hours and lawyers should refer to the CPD rules for a full explanation of CPD requirements and CPD hours.