However, there are options that involve integrative thinking. Although they recognize that human life is inviolable and must also be a special protective asset of society, there are exceptions that must determine a different action. Although they recognize the need to protect the life of the embryo or fetus, they do not consider the woman as an exclusive means of achieving reproduction (subordinated to abortion), but as a person as an end in itself. Although they recognize women`s freedom and autonomy as part of their personal dignity, they understand that the decision to abort must be responsible, consistent and, from a certain week of the fetal development process, compatible with the legal requirements for the protection of the fetus. It is permissible to demonstrate, carry placards, shout proclamations and distribute information pamphlets. However, no one should use physical force, threaten or obstruct the passage of people who intend to enter a clinic where abortions are performed in order to impede their access. They cannot block the entrance to the clinic, prevent a vehicle from entering their facilities, prevent patients from entering, or hinder or threaten those entering or leaving the building. Intrusion into the room and any act of vandalism, harassment or violence against companions, clinic staff and patients, as well as arson or seizure of explosives are strictly prohibited. ACCESS Reproductive Justice connects people who need this type of support with free or ultra-low-cost reproductive health programs available to those who live, travel to California, or leave California for an out-of-state abortion. Yes, California public school students may be absent for medical appointments, such as an abortion. You don`t have to tell the school why you`re going to the doctor or the clinic, and they can`t ask you what kind of care you`re going to get.

The school may call the doctor and clinic to confirm that you have an appointment with them and the time of the appointment. In addition, the school must allow you to meet your deadline and generally cannot notify your parents. You must accept your absence, and your teachers must allow you to do the homework you have left. Like any other medical procedure, an abortion can be expensive if you don`t have insurance coverage. Yes, if your employer offers sick leave, you can take the accumulated time to recover from the abortion. In California, employers must provide at least 3 sick days per year that you can use for the care you need during your pregnancy or abortion. The employer cannot force you to say why you need to be on sick leave. Yes, you have the same right to access an abortion during your stay in a prison or a prison. While you are in prison or in prison, no one can force you to have an abortion or not. Prisons and prisons also can`t get in your way, for example if you`re forced to pay the cost upfront or get a court order for transportation. No, neither Medi-Cal nor private health insurance can require medical justification for an abortion. It is possible to adopt positions of balance that ensure the moral plurality of society.

All positions are legitimate, except those that try to impose their criteria absolutely, or those that propose a social and legal condemnation of those who disagree. And no professional institution, group or collective can arrogate to itself or monopolize any moral superiority. If you need an abortion but don`t have health insurance or your insurance doesn`t cover abortions, you may be eligible for California`s Presumptive Eligibility Program for Pregnant Women (PE4PW). This program provides temporary Medi-Cal coverage for prenatal services outside of hospital, pregnancy-related services that do not require an overnight stay in hospital. To qualify for the PE4PW program, you must be a California resident and meet the income requirements. In our country, it was not until 1985 that the first legal norm for the decriminalization of abortion was adopted. This norm was preceded by an intense and tense political and ideological debate, which the medical profession did not ignore. More than 2 decades have passed and a large part of the political groups and citizens propose a reform of the legal norm to adapt it to new social requirements. This fact has reopened the debate and the confrontation between unfortunately very contradictory positions on the moral consideration of abortion and the formulas of its regulation. No, Medi-Cal members do not require prior approval. The only exception is if you receive a non-urgent abortion that requires hospitalization. The New York City Abortion Access Center provides confidential support to anyone seeking abortion services.

You don`t need to live in New York to contact the Abortion Access Center. Callers can connect directly to abortion providers in New York City. If financial assistance is needed, staff can refer you to clinical providers who can help you enroll in Medicaid and find funds for the procedure, transportation, and housing. Fake clinics may offer inexpensive resources such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or baby clothes, but they don`t offer abortions. In addition, they rarely offer other types of health care. As they are not authorized health care providers, these entities are not required by law to protect your personal information. As a general rule, health insurance companies cannot inform your parents or guardians about your abortion without your written consent. From the perspective of integrative civil ethics, no one doubts that abortion should be decriminalized and regulated. However, it should never be considered a method of contraception or a recommended option. In any case, the regulation of abortion does not encourage its application, nor does it oblige a woman to make an unwanted interruption or a decision against her conscience. Experience in Europe shows that where there have been more permissive time limits, the total number of time limits has not increased.

There are two types of abortions: medical and procedural. This option, also known as “in-clinic abortion,” is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home after completion. Health insurance, including Medicaid, can cover the cost of an abortion. If you are pregnant, you may have special health insurance options. Contact your insurer to find out what your plan benefits. Abortion is a safe and routine health service for abortion. In the United States, one in four women will have an abortion before the age of 45. Some states have more restrictive abortion laws. Organization Act 9/1985 on the decriminalization of abortion in certain cases has had significant positive effects. Illegal or clandestine abortions, which expose women to humiliation, suffering and health risks, have hardly disappeared. It guaranteed a right to women and survived the change of government of the 2 main political parties.

It put Spain on an equal footing with the rest of the European Union, with the exception of Ireland, which had already recognised legal regulation of abortion. New York City law requires these centers to put up signs in English and Spanish indicating that they do not have a medical provider on site and do not provide abortion services. If you come across a fake clinic without this sign in English and Spanish, you can file a complaint online or call 311. Doctors, nurses and midwives, qualified nurses and medical assistants who have received the necessary training to perform abortions in California. Minimum parliamentary agreements that allow democratic harmony in the new legal regulation of abortion are possible and desirable.