Many websites operate in the United States and are owned by China, for example, TikTok and WeChat. So, the United States as a country is very open to business, regardless of the type or type of business you run, other than running a dark web business or selling illegal things, like drugs. If you pay taxes in the United States, you`re fine. Content posted on Onlyfans is therefore not illegal. What is illegal is when you post someone else`s content and make money from it. This is a criminal complaint and your account could be blocked on Onlyfans. There are several illegal activities not only on Onlyfans, but also on all social media platforms. Let`s say you`re familiar with other social media platforms. In this case, you may also know that there is always shady activity on the platform which can be fake profiles, copyright issues, violent content, and many other illegal activities. Some of the legal issues on Onlyfand: It is not illegal to use Onlyfans in almost any country. You can pay your favorite Onlyfans creators and Onlyfans will charge you 20% of the subscription fee each time. Since Onlyfans is hosted in the United States and pays taxes, the law applies and sex workers who have a legal obligation can work from home on this website.

Is the use of Onlyfans legal or illegal in the United States? An in-depth comparison of readers. When a BBC report published shortly after the announcement of OnlyFans` short-term ban noted that the company`s moderators had been instructed to issue three or more warnings to users posting “illegal” content before shutting down their accounts, there were calls to action. Our automatic disclaimer: We are lawyers, but not necessarily your lawyer, and do not represent the person who asked this question. We provide this information for general educational purposes, based on publicly available information provided by the anonymous internet user. A number of details may change as to how that person`s lawyer can pursue this legal situation, contrary to what we suspect above. If you have a similar question, you should consult a lawyer about your specific situation to get a “real” answer! COVID-19PROSTITUTIONCRIMINAL LAWFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSA LAWYER SAYS REVENGE PORN Do you want to sell your foot photos and make money? FeetFinder is a legal website where you can make money selling your Feet images, and it is one of the potential competitors for foot sellers. I find it hard to understand how legal it is to sign up for OnlyFans and use it to post pornographic videos/photos and nudes of me and then collect the revenue from them. Reading Maryland`s obscenity and prostitution laws, it seems that it is illegal to create fans and make money from them, as it could fall under “prostitution laws”/criminal law. Users are not allowed to share accounts with others or post illegal content on their accounts, such as: defamatory, fraudulent articles or those that incite violence or illegal activities.

The list of banned fans is long, and creators must adhere to it if they don`t want to be banned from the platform. The most important things to consider when working on Onlyfans as a content creator are selling or trading accounts, promoting hate, racist content, content that can generate violence, and illegal content. No. If you`re talking about adult content posted on Onlyfans, then no, it`s not illegal, at least in the US. If you`re talking about accessing something, you can access adult websites in the United States for free and without using a virtual private network. These concerns are actually associated with all social media sites. For example, blocking fake profiles is not an easy task, but Onlyfans does its best to keep its platform clean of underage users and content creators, fake profiles, and people who steal content and infringe the copyrights of content creators. The final conclusion can be drawn, as the platform itself can be legally used both as a content creator and as a subscriber. The acceptable use policy for OnlyFans is quite extensive and consists mainly of preventing users and fans from acting illegally, immorally and unnecessarily.

Is it illegal for me (23F) to create, publish, and sell pornographic videos (and nude/nude photos) on OnlyFans for profit, in the state of Maryland? I hope this helps you find the answer to the legality of Onlyfans in the US. Onlyfans is an online content sales platform dedicated to nurturing the talent of content creators by helping them make a living.