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How China Is Responding to Debt Sustainability Complaints Over BRI Projects

Beijing's grand Belt and Road Initiative has faced criticisms of heavy debt impositions on smaller economies. But China seems to be fighting back, amidst emerging challenges.

China-Japan Rapprochement: Xi Jinping’s Tokyo Dream and Restraints from History

The Sino-Japanese relationship has always been weighed down by a bitter history that both nations share. But now, Xi is looking to charm Japan.

Dragon on the Roof: Behind Xi Jinping’s Quest for Loyalty in Tibet

Under Xi Jinping's leadership. Beijing has moved to assert near-total control over Tibet's social, political, cultural and familial institutions.

The Consequences of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Nepal

Kathmandu sees the Chinese mega project as an opportunity to prosper.

Will Hong Kong See an Exodus of American and British Firms After New Data...

With China imposing a 'New Security Law' in Hong Kong, analysts speculate a limited exodus of American and British firms due to stricter data rules.

India’s Response to an Assertive China Must Move Beyond Boycotts and Chest-Thumping

High-decibel action won't work in the long run. India must invest in building a robust economy to outsmart China.

China Moves to Enact a New ‘National Security Law’ to Tame Hong Kong

The recently-passed draft 'national security' law will soon become Beijing's go-to instrument to crush dissent in the semi-autonomous city.

Crisis in Ladakh Strengthens US–India Relations Against China

As the PLA toys with the contested India-China border, New Delhi and Washington are cautiously moving closer to each other.

Three Years Into Doklam, India and China are Back to Border Standoffs

New Delhi and Beijing are, once again, staring down each other along their hotly contested border, this time in Ladakh and Sikkim.

India’s Move to Tweak FDI Rules Doesn’t Violate International Law

New Delhi has amended its Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) rules to protect vulnerable Indian companies from predatory Chinese investments during the COVID-19 crisis, and it stands the test of international law.