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Why the Liberal Position on the Conflict in Afghanistan is Rife With Contradictions

Liberals find themselves sandwiched between opposing the Taliban, on one hand, and supporting self-determination movements, on the other.

As Shadow of Taliban Rule Looms Over Afghanistan, Sikhs Stare at Uncertainty

Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan have long lived under the pale of insecurity. But now, with the prospect of Taliban taking full control over the country once again, many want to flee.

The Violence in South Africa Is an Uprising of Elites, Not of the People

The recent violence in the KwaZulu-Natal Province following the sentencing of former president, Jacob Zuma, was an assault on democracy by elites.

Why the Al-Aqsa Mosque Has Often Been a Site of Conflict

Defending Al-Aqsa and fighting for rights to access it have become proxy conflicts for both Palestinian claims and the need to defend Islam as a whole.

Why Chadian President Idriss Déby’s Death Could Trigger More Instability in the Region

Recent death of the long-time strongman during clashes with rebels could lead to more intense clashes in Chad and its volatile neighbourhood.

Like China, India Too Should Build Border Villages To Keep an Eye on the...

A recept report revealed how China had built a village on Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi must respond with similar projects to ensure closer monitoring of PLA movements.

Troubled Pasts, Uncertain Futures: Making Sense of Rakesh Tikait’s Muzaffarnagar Legacy

The farmer leader from West UP, who is currently leading the anti-government protest at Delhi's Ghazipur border, has a troubled legacy of sectarian riots. How does one read that in today's context?

‘No Man’s Land’: Of Missed Opportunities and Clichéd Portrayal of Kurdish Fighters

The newly-released show misses the political core of the context in which Kurdish militias operate, and relies on trite depictions of left-wing Kurdish fighters.

What Will US Policy on Iran Look Like Under Joe Biden?

The Democratic President-elect has indicated that he will depart from Donald Trump's aggressive stance on Iran and rejoin the nuclear deal.

For French Muslims, Every Terror Attack Brings Their National Loyalty Under Scrutiny

This is a difficult time to be French, but it is especially difficult if you are a French Muslim.