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36 Years Later, the Trauma of Operation Blue Star Lingers On

The Indian government's decision to send the army inside the Golden Temple in June 1984 left a deep wound in the Sikh psyche.

Etalin Hydropower Project: High-Voltage Hydropolitics Returns to Arunachal Pradesh

Fresh controversy over a proposed mega dam project in Arunachal Pradesh is a reminder of the many complexities of the neoliberal development regime in frontier regions.


Who will believe you, Muslim man?

Why COVID-19 Offers a Chance to Transform UN Peacekeeping

The COVID-19 pandemic could create greater demand for UN peacekeeping, and at the same time deprive peacekeepers of critical resources.

The Venezuelan Dilemma

Acute fuel shortage, a raging pandemic and a searing political crisis – Venezuela is facing one of its roughest periods in modern history.

Why India Must Take a Leading Role in Securing the Indian Ocean Region

India is well-placed to lead a collaborative geostrategic architecture in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Three Years Into Doklam, India and China are Back to Border Standoffs

New Delhi and Beijing are, once again, staring down each other along their hotly contested border, this time in Ladakh and Sikkim.

Failed Venezuela Raid: US Has a History of Using Mercenaries to Topple Other Regimes

Washington DC might not have been involved in the recent failed raid in Venezuela. But the US does have a long history of poking other countries using hired boots.

Coal Mining in Dehing Patkai: The ‘Amazon of the East’ Must Be Saved at...

India's National Board for Wild Life (NBWL) recently approved coal mining in an area very close to the ecologically-sensitive and biodiverse Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary in Upper Assam.

Despite COVID-19, Armed Forces Around the World Continue to Flex Their Muscles

The pandemic hasn't stopped countries from deploying their militaries against each other to gain advantage.