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‘No Man’s Land’: Of Missed Opportunities and Clichéd Portrayal of Kurdish Fighters

The newly-released show misses the political core of the context in which Kurdish militias operate, and relies on trite depictions of left-wing Kurdish fighters.

What Will US Policy on Iran Look Like Under Joe Biden?

The Democratic President-elect has indicated that he will depart from Donald Trump's aggressive stance on Iran and rejoin the nuclear deal.

For French Muslims, Every Terror Attack Brings Their National Loyalty Under Scrutiny

This is a difficult time to be French, but it is especially difficult if you are a French Muslim.

Can ASEAN Centrality Weather the US–China Storm?

ASEAN needs to find common ground and tell both the US and China what it wants them to do and not to do.

Middle Powers Can Shape a New Security Framework

Indo-Pacific countries need to forge their own geostrategic regimes amidst an intensifying China-US rivalry.

Notes from Arakan III: Of Those on the Margins

For those in Rakhine who don't have the luxury of moving to bigger, safer cities, the monasteries and IDP camps in the state remain the only rays of hope.

Notes from Arakan II: Of Humanitarian Monks and Congruent Cultures

As the conflict continues to displace hundreds in Myanmar's Rakhine State, monasteries have opened their doors to those fleeing.

Notes from Arakan I: Of Double Names, Refugee Camps and Loaded Histories

Khin Zaw Win recalls his recent journey to Myanmar's westernmost state ravaged by a twin crisis of armed conflict and a raging pandemic.

Mali’s Predictable Coup Leaves an Unclear Path To Civilian Rule

An interview with Bruce Whitehouse from Lehigh University, who has carried out studies on coups and violent extremism in Mali.

An Italian Holocaust Survivor’s Account Shows the Human Costs of Silence

Piera Sonnino's account of surviving Nazi horrors gives a glimpse into what happens when the majority remains silent in the face of facist violence.