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Two Letters on the Uprising in France.

Under the Umbrella: Drugs and Myanmar Politics

The suppression of Myanmar’s rampant drug trade is constrained by pervasive corruption.

A Gay Communist Manifesto

Innovative and controversial in its day, 'Towards a Gay Communism' (1980) by Mario Mieli is among other things a vivid document of a time when sexual liberation was a wing of the revolutionary struggle.

The Sinister Story of Burmese Jade

Behind the 'land of jade', squirms a murky world of corruption, violence, and undemocratic subversion.

Rough Justice For Reporters In Myanmar’s Shan State

Rather than acting as apologists for the military, the government of Myanmar and the ruling party should tackle the real issues raised by the arrest of three journalists last week.

Myanmar’s New Free Press Won’t Accept State Repression

Journalists in Myanmar refuse to cower to assaults on the freedom of the press, and are standing up for their rights.

Concerned Indians Gather To Say Mob Lynchings #NotInMyName

On 28 June 2017, concerned citizens in seventeen Indian cities gathered at the same time for an evening of poetics and music to raise their voice against mob lynchings and cow vigilantism.

Child Soldiers in Myanmar

Burma is no stranger to child soldiers. But, a lot has changed over time.

Conflict in Northern Myanmar and its Impact on the Humanitarian Situation

A review of the ongoing armed conflicts in Kachin and Shan States, Myanmar, and the displacement caused by them.

Local Elections in Nepal: Is the Second Phase Possible?

Nepal's electoral democracy faces the challenge of a complex political fabric and assertive group agendas.