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Podcast | What Is India’s Farmer Agitation Really About?

In this episode, Punjabi writer and freelance journalist, Amandeep Sandhu, unpacks the ongoing protests in North India over three controversial agrarian laws.

Online Gig Workers, Lifesavers During COVID-19 Pandemic in India, Have Precarious Lives

Online 'freelance' workers, such as those working with app-based services, kept Indian cities going during the harsh COVID-19 lockdown. But they remain vulnerable to exploitation and uncertainty.

A Different Kind of Border War

When thousands of farmers from Punjab protesting against new farm laws attempted to reach New Delhi, they faced warlike resistance from the Indian government at two inter-state borders.

To Create Jobs, India Needs a Comprehensive National Employment Policy

India has been clocking dismal employment growth rates since a few years now, only made wore by the COVID-19 pandemic. A multi-dimensional national policy is the need of the hour.

Is 2016 a Prudent Choice for India’s New CPI-Industrial Workers Base Year?

The Labour Bureau's choice of a new base year, and the manner and timing of the change, raises more than one pertinent questions.

Andhra Pradesh Must Identify Local Advantages To Attract Talent and Investments

Andhra Pradesh recently signed an MoU with the Indian School of Business. This is a solid step towards building an attractive socioeconomic space, and should be emulated.

The Industrial Relations Code Weakens the Bargaining Power of Indian Trade Unions

In India, trade union growth and bargaining power have weakened over the last three decades in India. Certain provisions in the new industrial relations law will only worsen the situation.

Not Just Agriculture, the Farmers’ Protests in India Are Also About a Weakening Federal...

The NDA government's new agriculture laws are yet another stride towards greater centralisation of power at the union level.

How India Missed the ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’ Bus Last Year

The Code on Wages 2019 missed a glaring opportunity to formalise the Indian labour market, and in the process, ended up reinforcing critical pay gaps.

Miseries of India’s Construction Workers Won’t End, Thanks To a Lax Protection Regime

Construction workers contribute significantly to the national formal economy, but themselves remain perennially informal. This needs to change.