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The India-Nepal Kalapani territorial dispute has lingered on too long. New Delhi and Kathmandu should now douse it for the sake of South Asian stability.
As it moves to lead an international probe on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canberra finds its longstanding relationship with Beijing unraveling.
Acute fuel shortage, a raging pandemic and a searing political crisis – Venezuela is facing one of its roughest periods in modern history.
India is well-placed to lead a collaborative geostrategic architecture in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
New Delhi and Beijing are, once again, staring down each other along their hotly contested border, this time in Ladakh and Sikkim.
Washington DC might not have been involved in the recent failed raid in Venezuela. But the US does have a long history of poking other countries using hired boots.
With the pandemic forcing international students to return and stay home, the world's top universities are struggling to resume teaching.
In the Bengali-majority region of southern Assam, the CAA found widespread acceptance. Behind this, is a continuous struggle to locate a stable identity.
The pandemic hasn't stopped countries from deploying their militaries against each other to gain advantage.
Europe is hardening its borders in the Mediterranean under the garb of pandemic control, putting vulnerable migrants at risk.