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As Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Countries End Embargo With Qatar, Sticking Points Remain

The Al Ula Accord ends three years of bitter rift between Doha and its Gulf neighbours, most prominently Saudi Arabia. But Iran and Turkey could sour things in the future.

Farmers’ Protest: Punjab Deserves Greater Say in International Trade and Foreign Policy

It isn't just about three farm laws. Indian Punjab wants greater trade relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Why Does China Want To Join a Trans Pacific Trade Pact That Was Created...

Beijing recently expressed its willingness to join the CPTPP, an expanded version of the US-led TPP. Growing American insularity is behind this counterintuitive Chinese decision.

‘No Man’s Land’: Of Missed Opportunities and Clichéd Portrayal of Kurdish Fighters

The newly-released show misses the political core of the context in which Kurdish militias operate, and relies on trite depictions of left-wing Kurdish fighters.

Podcast | How Does the World Look at Narendra Modi’s India?

Angshuman Choudhury speaks to Shubhangi Agarwalla and Prannv Dhawan about the shifting patterns in India's relationship with the outside world under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What Will US Policy on Iran Look Like Under Joe Biden?

The Democratic President-elect has indicated that he will depart from Donald Trump's aggressive stance on Iran and rejoin the nuclear deal.

Can ASEAN Centrality Weather the US–China Storm?

ASEAN needs to find common ground and tell both the US and China what it wants them to do and not to do.

NATO, Quad, D-10: Say Hello To the Neo-Imperialist Troika

Imperialism never died. Powerful Western organisations like the NATO continue to propound it in full measure through new geopolitical formations.

Middle Powers Can Shape a New Security Framework

Indo-Pacific countries need to forge their own geostrategic regimes amidst an intensifying China-US rivalry.

Religious Tourism Between India and Pakistan Can Open New Doors to Peace

Projects like the Baba Guru Nanak International University and Kartarpur Corridor for Sikh pilgrims can build bridges between the conflicting nations.