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As Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf Countries End Embargo With Qatar, Sticking Points Remain

The Al Ula Accord ends three years of bitter rift between Doha and its Gulf neighbours, most prominently Saudi Arabia. But Iran and Turkey could sour things in the future.

What Will US Policy on Iran Look Like Under Joe Biden?

The Democratic President-elect has indicated that he will depart from Donald Trump's aggressive stance on Iran and rejoin the nuclear deal.

Iran’s Expanding Diplomatic Relations May Be Good for the Middle East

Tehran has started building firm ties with not just China, but also UAE. This could ultimately help stabilise the region.

The Consequences of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Nepal

Kathmandu sees the Chinese mega project as an opportunity to prosper.

India’s Response to an Assertive China Must Move Beyond Boycotts and Chest-Thumping

High-decibel action won't work in the long run. India must invest in building a robust economy to outsmart China.

View from Kathmandu: India and Nepal Should Resolve Kalapani Dispute Once and For All

The India-Nepal Kalapani territorial dispute has lingered on too long. New Delhi and Kathmandu should now douse it for the sake of South Asian stability.

Kalapani Dispute Comes Back to Haunt India-Nepal Relations

Nepal wasn't happy when India's defence minister inaugurated a Himalayan link road that passes through the disputed Kalapani trijunction between India, Nepal and Tibet.

The 2020 USCIRF Report on India is the Harshest in Years

The American watchdog doesn't have good things to say about religious freedom in India. It is even talking sanctions.

SAARC Must Step Up Its Game To Fend Off COVID-19

As COVID-19 threatens the regional economic order in South Asia, member states must overlook past baggage and ramp up cooperation with all seriousness.

The US, China and Asia After COVID-19: More, Not Less, Tension

The post-Coronavirus geopolitical order with big power rivalries in Asia doesn't look good.