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COVID-19 Crisis: The Stark Difference Between Donald Trump and Italian Leaders

During a crisis, the words of a leader matter. And the American President isn't doing great on that front, unlike his Italian counterparts.

What Will Narendra Modi’s Victory Mean for India?

As the Hindu Nationalist leader returns to power for a second straight time, much remains at stake.

Will Modi Win?

The Bharatiya Janata Party's fortunes in the 2019 general election could swing both ways.

Is Imran Khan the Man That Pakistan Needs?

So far, Imran Khan has stood out as a leader. It remains to be seen if he goes down as Pakistan's main man in times of crises.

Indonesia’s Campaign for Centrist Islam Goes Global

Meet Ma’ruf Amin, the Indonesian President's running mate who is propagating a form of 'Middle Way Islam' internationally.

Why Sri Lanka Is Sliding Into Political Turmoil, and What Could Happen Next

Old political rivalries have boiled over in Sri Lanka's worsening political crisis. Some fear possible violence less than a decade after the end of a brutal 25-year civil war.

After Jair Bolsonaro’s Victory, What’s Next for Brazil?

The far right candidate's election victory left Brazil fragmented.

Challenge Populism: Re-Inventing the World Together

Populism is currently attractive because it contains a grain of truth. If we want to be prepared for the post-populist period and hasten its coming, we must address these real issues.

How Cambodia’s Prime Minister Rigged an Election

The re-election of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen contributes to the growing global democratic crisis. Here's why.

India’s Prime Minister Has Nothing to Say on Section 377 and Homosexuality

The landmark decision by India's Supreme Court to decriminalise certain sexual acts between members of the same sex spurred great celebration at home and abroad. But, the Prime Minister's Twitter feed remained silent as stone.