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The Appropriated Subalternity of Kamala Harris

While Harris is a victim of sexism induced by a colonial gaze, she is hardly the 'oppressed Afro-Asian subaltern' that many have made her out to be.

Despite Bigotry and Discrimination, Sikhs Continue to Fight for Dignity in US Politics

By building across-the-board solidarities and bipartisan alliances, American Sikhs have carved out a space for themselves in US politics. But a host of key issues remain unresolved.

Canada Needs to Reckon With the Relics of Its Colonial Past, Including Racist Statues

Canada needs to deal with its deeply racist colonial history upfront, and removing statues is only a part of that process.

“Everyone is Watching”: Two California Women on Racism and #BlackLivesMatter

Two graduate students from California talk about racism, the BLM movement, and the ongoing George Floyd protests in the US.

With Trump in the White House, the Fight for Racial Justice Gets Nastier

As protests over George Floyd's murder sweep America, the President flirts with authoritarianism. From here, things could go either way.

Riot or Resistance? Media Framing Will Shape Public’s View of George Floyd Protests

As protests over the murder of George Floyd sweep the US, media coverage will play a critical role in deciding how Americans look at the resistance.

Failed Venezuela Raid: US Has a History of Using Mercenaries to Topple Other Regimes

Washington DC might not have been involved in the recent failed raid in Venezuela. But the US does have a long history of poking other countries using hired boots.

COVID-19 Crisis: The Stark Difference Between Donald Trump and Italian Leaders

During a crisis, the words of a leader matter. And the American President isn't doing great on that front, unlike his Italian counterparts.

What Donald Trump’s Funding Cuts to WHO Mean for the World

The Trump administration's decision to pull out funding from the WHO in the middle of a pandemic could have drastic impact worldwide.

COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism: How the Language of Disease Produces Hate and Violence

Prejudice against Asians has been a staple feature of North American society since the first Chinese workers arrived in the mid-19th century.