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Trump or Biden, the Crisis of American Dream Isn’t Going Anywhere

The US remains enmeshed in a deeply capitalist constitutional framework that breeds social inequality and insecurity. Presidential elections won't change that.

Experts Weigh in on the Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Three experts delve into issues of Supreme Court, race and election integrity that Donald Trump and Joe Biden raised during Tuesday's debate.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legal Victories for Women Also Led To Pro-LGBT Rulings

Several anti-discrimination court rulings for the LGBT community in the US have borrowed heavily from the RBG playbook.

Wisconsin’s Teenage Shooter Episode is Uncannily Similar to Delhi’s Jamia Shooting Incident

On Tuesday, 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse shot dead two protestors in Wisconsin's Kenosha while police looked away. A similar incident took place in Delhi seven months ago.

American Private Border Wall Fundraisers, Including Steve Bannon, Arrested on Fraud Charges

On 20 August, US federal prosecutors arrested four high-profile members of the 'We Build the Wall' fundraising venture for criminal fraud.

The Appropriated Subalternity of Kamala Harris

While Harris is a victim of sexism induced by a colonial gaze, she is hardly the 'oppressed Afro-Asian subaltern' that many have made her out to be.

Despite Bigotry and Discrimination, Sikhs Continue to Fight for Dignity in US Politics

By building across-the-board solidarities and bipartisan alliances, American Sikhs have carved out a space for themselves in US politics. But a host of key issues remain unresolved.

Canada Needs to Reckon With the Relics of Its Colonial Past, Including Racist Statues

Canada needs to deal with its deeply racist colonial history upfront, and removing statues is only a part of that process.

“Everyone is Watching”: Two California Women on Racism and #BlackLivesMatter

Two graduate students from California talk about racism, the BLM movement, and the ongoing George Floyd protests in the US.

With Trump in the White House, the Fight for Racial Justice Gets Nastier

As protests over George Floyd's murder sweep America, the President flirts with authoritarianism. From here, things could go either way.