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Assam Election 2021: Why the BJP Has an Edge Over Other Parties

In the northeast Indian state of Assam, the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party has crafted a potent, multi-dimensional formula to win this year's election.

Guwahati: The Rain-Fed City on the Banks of a Mighty River Facing a Water...

Assam's largest city, that otherwise sees annual flooding and lies along the banks of the Brahmaputra, is facing an acute shortage of potable water.

‘Selfie Survivors’: Symptomatic of Blatant Disaster Normalisation in India?

A certain set of people only visit disaster sites to take selfies for social media. This rampant attitude has done much to normalise recurrent disasters in Assam and other places.

Vested Political Interests Continue To Scuttle Demand for ST Status in Assam

Six communities in Assam have been demanding the Scheduled Tribe (ST) classification since decades, but political parties haven't done much. The current BJP-led state government has been delaying it too.

‘Day One’: Of Swelling Development and Shrinking Spaces in a Not-So-Big City

The short film, made by an Assam-based filmmaker and a research scholar, does the long-pending job of directing attention at the growing lack of living space in Guwahati.

Podcast | Can Assamese Subnationalism Counter Hindutva Nationalism?

Angshuman Choudhury speaks to Abhinav Borbora about the complex relationship between Assamese and Hindutva nationalists.

The Sinister Politics Behind Assam Education Board’s Syllabus Cutdown

AHSEC's deletion of chapters on caste, women's equality, minority rights and others reflect the Hindutva regime's twisted political agenda.

The Closure of Assam’s Iconic Paper Mills Have Pushed Workers To the Brink

With the NCLT waiting to decide the fate of the two now-shuttered paper mills at Nagaon and in Cachar, workers who have been left in the lurch want the government to act.

Fieldwork During COVID-19 and Floods: Experiences from Assam and Bihar

The twin calamity of COVID-19 and floods in Assam and Bihar has crippled fieldwork for NGOs.

In Assam, Popular Support for the NRC Has Echoes of Thomas Malthus’ Overpopulation Prophecy

The manner in which Assam's headcount exercise is justified borrows from Malthus' theory on overpopulation.