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The Myth of ‘Secular’ Anti-CAA Protests in Assam

Many have claimed that the opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in Assam was 'secular'. This is based on a narrow understanding of Assamese politics and hegemonic social order.

Where Does the Congress Party Stand on NRC, CAA and Clause 6 of Assam...

The party's position on the citizenship crisis in Assam reeks of ambivalence and doublespeak.

Why We Must Speak up for Akhil Gogoi and Other Jailed Political Activists

As the Indian government puts political activists in jail amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is on the people of India to speak up to protect democracy.

Baghjan Blowout: Victims Worried About Contamination, Coronavirus, and Their Future

As a botched-up oil well continues to burn in Upper Assam's Baghjan, two university scholars providing relief to the displaced discover a barren landscape of hopelessness, apathy and anxiety.

‘Axone’ Is a Classic Example of a Neoliberal Understanding of Racism

By blaming the victims for their racist experience, 'Axone' ascribes to the neoliberal thesis on discrimination.

“Never Expected Such an Incident”: Locals Displaced and Distraught as Baghjan Oil Well Burns

The Baghjan blowout in Upper Assam has displaced thousands who have lost their homes, farmlands and livestock. They are scared, angry and often, hopeless.

How a “Declared Foreigner” in Assam Is Fighting a Losing Legal Battle

The Gauhati High Court recently turned down a petition against a Foreigner Tribunal order, denying 54-year old Dulal Uddin his Indian citizenship.

“Cinema Will Help Us Survive”: Five Assamese Filmmakers on the COVID-19 Crisis

A new wave of Assamese cinema had just taken off when the COVID-19 crisis hit. Five prominent filmmakers talk about the damages caused and what the future looks like.

A Disastrous Oil Spill in Upper Assam’s Baghjan Threatens Local Ecology and Public Health

A toxic spill from an Oil India Limited drilling site in Upper Assam's Tinsukia district may cause irreparable damage to local flora, fauna, human life and livelihoods.

Etalin Hydropower Project: High-Voltage Hydropolitics Returns to Arunachal Pradesh

Fresh controversy over a proposed mega dam project in Arunachal Pradesh is a reminder of the many complexities of the neoliberal development regime in frontier regions.