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Revisiting the Northeast Delhi Violence: Policing Failures and How to Fix Them

By not acting on time, the Delhi Police flouted several legal norms and procedures during the communal violence in Northeast Delhi in February.

View from Nepal: Coronavirus-Linked Islamophobia of Indian News Channels Is Spilling Across Borders

The relentless slandering of Muslims by Indian news channels over the COVID-19 outbreak is influencing public opinion in Nepal.

Journalism of Demagoguery: How Indian Media Is Vilifying Muslims Over the COVID-19 Crisis

Mainstream Indian media has been constantly demonising the Muslim community for the COVID-19 outbreak, after the Nizamuddin Markaz cluster emerged.

Whataboutery Over Religious Violence Must End

To play a blame game over various instances of religious violence in India, is to deepen the injustice done to the victims. We need empathy, not whataboutery.