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How Indian Academia Is Colonising Indonesia

Thanks to shared cultural-historical affinities, Indian academics have found a second home in Indonesia for ethnographic and anthropological studies. But their lenses remain tinted.

Myanmar’s Ruling Party Is Trying To Win the National Elections Even Before Polling Starts

With less than three weeks left for Myanmar's national elections to begin, polling has been cancelled in several ethnic areas and the country's second largest party deregistered.

Can ASEAN Centrality Weather the US–China Storm?

ASEAN needs to find common ground and tell both the US and China what it wants them to do and not to do.

Notes from Arakan III: Of Those on the Margins

For those in Rakhine who don't have the luxury of moving to bigger, safer cities, the monasteries and IDP camps in the state remain the only rays of hope.

Notes from Arakan II: Of Humanitarian Monks and Congruent Cultures

As the conflict continues to displace hundreds in Myanmar's Rakhine State, monasteries have opened their doors to those fleeing.

Notes from Arakan I: Of Double Names, Refugee Camps and Loaded Histories

Khin Zaw Win recalls his recent journey to Myanmar's westernmost state ravaged by a twin crisis of armed conflict and a raging pandemic.

Alongside COVID-19, Singapore Faces a Crisis of Difficult Geopolitical Choices

With the reelection of the ruling People's Action Party, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong must revive the Singaporean economy while balancing ties between the US and China.

With a Tough Lockdown and Tanking Economy, the Philippines Struggles to Recover

The Philippines must play to its strengths and dial down on its authoritarianism to rejuvenate a slumping economy and build investor confidence.

Why India Must Take a Leading Role in Securing the Indian Ocean Region

India is well-placed to lead a collaborative geostrategic architecture in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Virus or Hate, What Kills More?

Myanmar and India throw up troubling instances of things equally, if not more, menacing as the Novel Coronavirus - hatred, discrimination and relentless wars.