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India’s Counterinsurgency in the Northeast Challenges the Relationship Between Time and Insurgent Success

The waning insurgent theatre in Northeast India proves that New Delhi has both the watches and the time in the ethnically sensitive region.

How Local Conditions and Politics Stalled the Growth of Maoists in India’s Northeast

For years, the Maoist insurgents of India have tried to make in roads into the northeast, but in vain.

Decoding Taliban’s Daring Attack on Ghazni

The recent attack by the Taliban on the city of Ghazni shows the group's continuing relevance and strength in a still-unstable Afghanistan.

The Rise and Fall of Militancy in Meghalaya’s Garo Hills

The guns have fallen silent in the quaint Garo Hills of Meghalaya in India's northeast. But, durable peace may still be elusive.