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Podcast | Why the Hathras Murder and Alleged Gangrape is Very Much About Caste

Anti-caste activist and hip-hop artist, Sumeet Samos, talks about the complex caste dynamics behind the Hathras horror.

The Sinister Politics Behind Assam Education Board’s Syllabus Cutdown

AHSEC's deletion of chapters on caste, women's equality, minority rights and others reflect the Hindutva regime's twisted political agenda.

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legal Victories for Women Also Led To Pro-LGBT Rulings

Several anti-discrimination court rulings for the LGBT community in the US have borrowed heavily from the RBG playbook.

Periyar, a Progressive Iconoclast Like No Other

The founder of the Dravidian Movement left behind a critical legacy of social and political emancipation that today's progressives have much to learn from.

In Defence of Utopias

The multi-dimensional crisis that the Coronavirus pandemic has spurred reaffirms the importance of utopias as a tool for progressive social change.

Jamia Millia’s Seminar on ‘Discipline in Universities’ Warns of a Foucauldian Dystopia

On 8 September, Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia university hosted a webinar on disciplining university students. It produced some shocking discourses on control and surveillance.

Chadwick Boseman’s Passing and the Power and Limits of Afrofuturism

Boseman's Black Panther and Wakanda present the vision of an alternative, splendidly-black future.

The University Is Rotting Away, and Intellectuals Must Step up To Fix It

It is the unadulterated responsibility of university intellectuals to think beyond themselves and theirs interests within and outside their campuses.

In Assam, Popular Support for the NRC Has Echoes of Thomas Malthus’ Overpopulation Prophecy

The manner in which Assam's headcount exercise is justified borrows from Malthus' theory on overpopulation.

Mali’s Predictable Coup Leaves an Unclear Path To Civilian Rule

An interview with Bruce Whitehouse from Lehigh University, who has carried out studies on coups and violent extremism in Mali.