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How the Colonial State Imposed and Sustained a Capitalist System in Southeast Cameroon

Capitalism forms a pivotal chapter in the story of colonisation of Maka-ian society in Southeastern Cameroon

Book Review | Supriya Gandhi’s Biography of Dara Shukoh Separates the Man From the...

In 'The Emperor Who Never Was', Gandhi brings out the complexity of one of Mughal India's most-remembered personalities.

Bhojpur Movement: Why Bihar’s Communist Project Is Still Seen From the Tinted Lens of...

The Liberation group that came out of the Bhojpur Movement in Bihar is regaining political ground before the assembly election. But it is still seen as a party that indulged in 'caste violence' in an one-sided reading of history.

Beyond Binaries: The Complex Politics of Architecture in Medieval India

In medieval India, architecture was a political tool for rulers within a context that wasn't strictly religious or sectarian.

Frederick Douglass, Manchester and the Absence of Black History

Alongside Lincoln, Manchester must commemorate Frederick Douglass and the profound role he played in forging the city's anti-slavery legacy.

Periyar, a Progressive Iconoclast Like No Other

The founder of the Dravidian Movement left behind a critical legacy of social and political emancipation that today's progressives have much to learn from.

Why Bhagat Singh’s Revolutionary Ideals Were Way Ahead of His Time

Beyond his anti-Imperialist and socialist vision, the Indian revolutionary also wanted the British to give him the rights to information and privacy at a time when they barely existed.

Notes from Arakan I: Of Double Names, Refugee Camps and Loaded Histories

Khin Zaw Win recalls his recent journey to Myanmar's westernmost state ravaged by a twin crisis of armed conflict and a raging pandemic.

China-Japan Rapprochement: Xi Jinping’s Tokyo Dream and Restraints from History

The Sino-Japanese relationship has always been weighed down by a bitter history that both nations share. But now, Xi is looking to charm Japan.

The Rich and Progressive History of the Begums of Bhopal

The Begums of Bhopal combined energy and dedication with progressiveness surpassed by very few.