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Why Bhagat Singh’s Revolutionary Ideals Were Way Ahead of His Time

Beyond his anti-Imperialist and socialist vision, the Indian revolutionary also wanted the British to give him the rights to information and privacy at a time when they barely existed.

Notes from Arakan I: Of Double Names, Refugee Camps and Loaded Histories

Khin Zaw Win recalls his recent journey to Myanmar's westernmost state ravaged by a twin crisis of armed conflict and a raging pandemic.

China-Japan Rapprochement: Xi Jinping’s Tokyo Dream and Restraints from History

The Sino-Japanese relationship has always been weighed down by a bitter history that both nations share. But now, Xi is looking to charm Japan.

The Rich and Progressive History of the Begums of Bhopal

The Begums of Bhopal combined energy and dedication with progressiveness surpassed by very few.

An Italian Holocaust Survivor’s Account Shows the Human Costs of Silence

Piera Sonnino's account of surviving Nazi horrors gives a glimpse into what happens when the majority remains silent in the face of facist violence.

The Poetics of Abolition: From Female Suffrage in the US to Social Reformation in...

Processes of emancipation across time and space have always had a poetic impulse in them.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a Ruler for the Masses

Shivaji was a complex and rare figure in Indian history, one who subverted the diktats of his times, but stuck to some puritan traditions.

50 Years of Bank Nationalisation Ordinance: How Indira Gandhi Steamrolled A Law Into Effect

On 19 July 1969, the Indira Gandhi government attempted to nationalise 14 commercial banks through executive fiat, but not without legal hassles.

From Kuhn to Foucault: Probing the Complex Relationship Between Science and Society

At a time when more and more people in positions of power are peddling pseudo-scientific narratives, it is crucial to recall the philosophical moorings of 'scientific temper'.

The Hagia Sophia Reconversion Is a Cynical Undoing of What Turkey Used to Be

The recent reversal of Istanbul's Hagia Sofia to the status of a mosque from a museum is just the latest manifestation of Erdogan's conservative-authoritarian politics.