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#BlackLivesMatter: What the French Revolution Tells Us About Destruction of Statues

Do acts of desecration convey violence alone or can they be seen as calculated political statements?

Canada Needs to Reckon With the Relics of Its Colonial Past, Including Racist Statues

Canada needs to deal with its deeply racist colonial history upfront, and removing statues is only a part of that process.

36 Years of Blue Star: ‘Jodhpur Detainees’ Have Moved On, but Painful Memories Persist

Out of the 365 odd 'Jodhpur detainees' of Operation Blue Star, those still alive continue to grapple with the trauma and financial distress that they suffered after the event.

Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Relevant to India: Common History of Discrimination

Both the US and India have a long history of discrimination against marginalised groups, like the Blacks, Dalits and Muslims.

36 Years Later, the Trauma of Operation Blue Star Lingers On

The Indian government's decision to send the army inside the Golden Temple in June 1984 left a deep wound in the Sikh psyche.

Failed Venezuela Raid: US Has a History of Using Mercenaries to Topple Other Regimes

Washington DC might not have been involved in the recent failed raid in Venezuela. But the US does have a long history of poking other countries using hired boots.

When Armed Police Turned Into Mass Murderers: Revisiting the Hashimpura and Maliyana Massacres

In 1987, as Meerut burnt in sectarian fires, the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) murdered dozens of Muslims in cold blood in two separate incidents.

CAA: Understanding the “Unaltered” Voices in Barak Valley Through the Bhasha Andolan

In the Bengali-majority region of southern Assam, the CAA found widespread acceptance. Behind this, is a continuous struggle to locate a stable identity.

Trauma, Testosterone, and the Myth of the Manly Soldier

Gender stereotypes about tough men often come in the way of effectively treating complex cases of post-war trauma amongst servicemen.

India’s Initial Coronavirus Response Carried Echoes of the Colonial Era

India's colonial past holds stark lessons, or anti-lessons, in pandemic management for the current government.