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How Nationalist Indian Newspapers Remembered Lenin After His Death in 1924

The Russian revolutionary might be seen as a 'foreigner', 'terrorist' and what not in today's India, but obituaries that nationalist newspapers published after his death tell a different tale.

Hindutva Neoliberalism: When Crony Capitalism Meets Ethnic Nationalism

The Modi government in India is perfecting a specific variant of neoliberalism that marries an ethno-majoritarian state with a corporate-dominated capitalist order.

Vested Political Interests Continue To Scuttle Demand for ST Status in Assam

Six communities in Assam have been demanding the Scheduled Tribe (ST) classification since decades, but political parties haven't done much. The current BJP-led state government has been delaying it too.

Agents of the Centre or More? Recent Tensions Reveal the Complex Role of Governors...

In the past few years, several instances of friction between state governors and elected governments have emerged. What do they mean for this peculiar constitutional office?

Beyond the ‘Final Letter’: The Different Meanings of Rohith Vemula

Rohith Vemula, in his life and death, inspired a renewed anti-caste movement amongst Dalit-Bahujan youths and others across India.

13 Reasons Why Hindutva Nationalists and Assamese Subnationalists Are the Same

There is little difference between the two - both seek homogeneity, supremacy and purity.

How Successive Governments, from Congress to BJP, Ruined India’s Agrarian Economy

The massive farmers' protest that is currently underway in India is only a climactic manifestation of years of decay brought about by greater corporatisation of Indian agriculture.

Neither Mischievous, Nor Superfluous: How the Role of India’s Upper House Stands Sabotaged

The BJP-led government, through a host of dubious legislative acts, has subverted the scrutinising powers of the Rajya Sabha on various occasions.

Farmers’ Protest: Punjab Deserves Greater Say in International Trade and Foreign Policy

It isn't just about three farm laws. Indian Punjab wants greater trade relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Podcast | What Is India’s Farmer Agitation Really About?

In this episode, Punjabi writer and freelance journalist, Amandeep Sandhu, unpacks the ongoing protests in North India over three controversial agrarian laws.