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Retributive Justice is the Product of a Capitalist Understanding of Crime and Punishment

The twisted culture of crime and punishment that also fosters extrajudicial justice are inevitable within a capitalist socioeconomic order.

Men, Not Women, Need to be Educated for a More Gender-Equal Society

Since forever, women have made compromises to keep relationships intact despite violence and discrimination. Its time we start teaching men to behave better.

Why We Must Speak up for Akhil Gogoi and Other Jailed Political Activists

As the Indian government puts political activists in jail amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is on the people of India to speak up to protect democracy.

COVID-19 Shows Only Multilateralism Can Save the World

Cooperation between countries, not hostile competition, is the only to redeem the world from the many crises that it faces today, least of all the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada Needs to Reckon With the Relics of Its Colonial Past, Including Racist Statues

Canada needs to deal with its deeply racist colonial history upfront, and removing statues is only a part of that process.

How to Revive Rural Economy for Returning Migrant Workers: The Odisha Way

The Odisha government's handling of the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic holds lessons for other state governments in India.

‘Axone’ Is a Classic Example of a Neoliberal Understanding of Racism

By blaming the victims for their racist experience, 'Axone' ascribes to the neoliberal thesis on discrimination.

Sentimentality Around Animal Suffering Arises out of Notions of Human Supremacy

Modern animal welfarism is linked to the idea that humans are superior and have the right of guardianship over other species.

Groundless Optimism, Propaganda and Hopelessness: Modi’s India is a Bleak Place

Prime Minister Narendra Modi represents the great contradiction of Hindutva politics. He promises hope and 'good days', but peddles falsehoods and hubris.

The Givers of India

Attacks on students, riots, pandemic – citizens and civil society groups in Delhi have shown extraordinary solidarity in the face of continuous social and political upheaval.