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As protests over George Floyd's murder sweep America, the President flirts with authoritarianism. From here, things could go either way.
As right-wing leaders move to strengthen their grip during the COVID-19 pandemic, the governed people of the world must push back tactfully and cohesively.
India is well-placed to lead a collaborative geostrategic architecture in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
In the Bengali-majority region of southern Assam, the CAA found widespread acceptance. Behind this, is a continuous struggle to locate a stable identity.
The ongoing migrant worker crisis in India triggered by the COVID-19 lockdown is a humanitarian emergency, and those affected are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
The Kerala government in India has received much praise from national and international media for its response to the COVID-19 crisis. A closer look at the facts, however, reveals a sloppy picture.
The recent incident where 16 migrant workers were crushed under a train while walking back home shows the failure of the Indian state in easing the distress of the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 lockdown.
The response of individual nations to coronavirus has largely been ad hoc, piecemeal and in many cases, lethally ineffective - just like climate action.
The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed workspaces from offices to homes. And as usual, women have fallen at the short end of this new arrangement.
Leaked screenshots from a private Instagram group of teenage Delhi boys reveals a toxic culture of slut-shaming that all of us have abetted at some point in our lives. Its time to change that.