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Twitter Is Not Censoring Donald Trump. Free Speech Is Not Guaranteed if It Harms...

The suggestion Trump has been censored is simply wrong. It misleads the public into believing all “free speech” claims have equal merit. They do not.

The Hindutva Bogey of ‘Love Jihad’ Can Only Be Countered by More Love

'Love jihad' is nothing more than an anti-Muslim, anti-secular and anti-love Hindutva movement. The response to that must be even greater emphasis on inter-faith relationships.

Why Arnab Goswami’s Arrest Is Rife With Legal Inconsistencies

The Republic TV chief might not be a credible journalist. But that doesn't justify the twisted nature of his recent arrest and incarceration.

Trump or Biden, the Crisis of American Dream Isn’t Going Anywhere

The US remains enmeshed in a deeply capitalist constitutional framework that breeds social inequality and insecurity. Presidential elections won't change that.

Beyond Hanging and Lynching: Why India Needs to Move Towards Restorative Justice

Like always, many, including progressives, have demanded the capital punishment and even mob lynching for the Hathras gangrape-and-murder case accused. But harsh punishments don't deter crime.

‘Hindu Unity’ a Facade, Hindutva Is Nothing More Than an Upper Caste, Neoliberal Capitalist...

Hindutva might claim to unite all Hindus, but in reality, it is a chauvinistic project catering to the vested interests of so-called upper castes and corporates.

Good Hindu, Bad Hindu: Behind the False Binary That Defined Postcolonial India

A liberal Hindu is often believed to be the antithesis of an orthodox Hindu. But when it comes to fighting the caste system and resisting Hinduism, both are the same.

Shashi Tharoor and the Politics of Postcolonial Disavowal

Despite his seemingly liberal virtues and anti-colonial positions, the Indian politician and public figure is firmly rooted in a politics of elitism, denial and immorality.

Myanmar’s Ruling Party Is Trying To Win the National Elections Even Before Polling Starts

With less than three weeks left for Myanmar's national elections to begin, polling has been cancelled in several ethnic areas and the country's second largest party deregistered.

Frederick Douglass, Manchester and the Absence of Black History

Alongside Lincoln, Manchester must commemorate Frederick Douglass and the profound role he played in forging the city's anti-slavery legacy.