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NATO, Quad, D-10: Say Hello To the Neo-Imperialist Troika

Imperialism never died. Powerful Western organisations like the NATO continue to propound it in full measure through new geopolitical formations.

The Sinister Politics Behind Assam Education Board’s Syllabus Cutdown

AHSEC's deletion of chapters on caste, women's equality, minority rights and others reflect the Hindutva regime's twisted political agenda.

Religious Tourism Between India and Pakistan Can Open New Doors to Peace

Projects like the Baba Guru Nanak International University and Kartarpur Corridor for Sikh pilgrims can build bridges between the conflicting nations.

The Road To Internationalising Higher Education in India Begins at Home

If Indian universities don't want to lose out to offshore campuses of foreign universities, as proposed by the NEP 2020, they must internationalise themselves.

In Defence of Utopias

The multi-dimensional crisis that the Coronavirus pandemic has spurred reaffirms the importance of utopias as a tool for progressive social change.

The University Is Rotting Away, and Intellectuals Must Step up To Fix It

It is the unadulterated responsibility of university intellectuals to think beyond themselves and theirs interests within and outside their campuses.

Why India’s New Education Policy 2020 Should Be Embraced By All

The NEP 2020 offers a robust window of opportunity to completely overhaul India's educational system. The COVID-19 pandemic only makes that more evident.

Notes from Arakan III: Of Those on the Margins

For those in Rakhine who don't have the luxury of moving to bigger, safer cities, the monasteries and IDP camps in the state remain the only rays of hope.

In Assam, Popular Support for the NRC Has Echoes of Thomas Malthus’ Overpopulation Prophecy

The manner in which Assam's headcount exercise is justified borrows from Malthus' theory on overpopulation.

Forget ‘Act of God’, India’s Finance Minister Should Use ‘Karma’ to Justify Government Failure

The Indian finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, recently blamed the ongoing economic crisis on god. Blaming it on 'Karma' could be more effective.