Carbon Emissions Continue To Rise Despite COVID-19 Disruption

Latest research shows that reductions in Carbon emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic are not enough to reverse the climate crisis.

As COVID-19 Chokes Garment Supply Chains in India, Workers Suffer

Disruptions in garment supply chains in India on account of the pandemic-induced lockdowns have seriously dented the already-dismal living and working conditions of workers.

The Monday That Shook the Indian Economy

On 31 August 2020, India woke up to the news of its biggest GDP crash ever. How did it come to this point?

COVID-19 Pandemic Reaffirms the Importance of Right to Clean Air and Water for Indians

Data shows that the COVID-19 pandemic in the Indian context is intimately linked to the differential access to clean air and water, particularly in urban centres.

Forget ‘Act of God’, India’s Finance Minister Should Use ‘Karma’ to Justify Government Failure

The Indian finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, recently blamed the ongoing economic crisis on god. Blaming it on 'Karma' could be more effective.

COVID-19 Adds Fuel to India’s Bonded Labour Crisis

Pandemic-induced lockdowns and subsequent loss of livelihood in informal sectors might push the vulnerable sections into the clutches of bonded labour.

Mongolia’s Success and Challenges Against COVID-19

The Central Asian country's initial response to the outbreak was swift and effective. But it faces a daunting economic challenge now.

What Does Moody’s Downgrade Mean for India in the Backdrop of the Pandemic?

Moody's downgrade comes amidst a sluggish national economy, made doubly worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alongside COVID-19, Singapore Faces a Crisis of Difficult Geopolitical Choices

With the reelection of the ruling People's Action Party, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong must revive the Singaporean economy while balancing ties between the US and China.

How COVID-19 Is Changing Indian Federalism

In India, the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened the centre's authority and expanded its reach.