Decision to Drop Odisha’s KISS University as a Co-Host of World Anthropology Congress 2023...

By dropping the Odisha-based institute from the high-profile international conference, the organisers have killed an opportunity to expose indigenous students to critical knowledge systems.

Why #BlackLivesMatter Is Relevant to India: Common History of Discrimination

Both the US and India have a long history of discrimination against marginalised groups, like the Blacks, Dalits and Muslims.

‘Swachh Bharat, and People Still Clean Gutters?’

When he was 10, Arjun Singh's father Rajeshwar died while cleaning a sewer in Delhi. At 14, the schoolboy sells snacks to support himself and his mother, and dreams of becoming a bank manager and a chef.

The Complex Sociology of Water

Water has defined and redefined social boundaries for eons, while facilitating the formation of class and caste identities. The Brahmaputra Valley in Assam is a thriving case-in-point.

Caste in Liberal, Feminist Spaces in India

The liberal feminist space in India is acutely plagued by an absence or subversion of Dalit voices, argues Rachelle Bharathi Chandran.