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Protests Abound as Uttarakhand Prepares To Slash 10,000 Trees To Expand Dehradun Airport

The Uttarakhand government wants to clear a large section of the Thano forest to expand the Dehradun airport. But Doon residents and activists say this will destroy local biodiversity and aggravate pollution.

The Hindutva Thesis on Migration, and How To Challenge It Beyond the Logic of...

The Hindutva project aims to distill 'refugees' from so-called 'infiltrators' through the CAA 2019 and NRC. The resistance to that must transcend narrow parameters of belongingness.

For What It’s Worth: The ‘Trial of the Chicago 7’ and the Legacy of...

The new Netflix movie by Aaron Sorkin harks back to an era of newfound radicalism, liberation and transgression - all juxtaposed against rampant socioeconomic anxieties.

The Poetics of Abolition: From Female Suffrage in the US to Social Reformation in...

Processes of emancipation across time and space have always had a poetic impulse in them.

From Brahmaputra Valley to ‘New India’, Cultural Dopers Are Everywhere

Both Assamese and Hindutva nationalisms are populated by social actors who do nothing more than reproducing the dominant class, caste and territorial interests.

The Myth of ‘Secular’ Anti-CAA Protests in Assam

Many have claimed that the opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in Assam was 'secular'. This is based on a narrow understanding of Assamese politics and hegemonic social order.

Poetry Resurrects Itself: Translation of Two Poems by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala

Translations of two poems by the doyen of Assamese literature.

#BlackLivesMatter: What the French Revolution Tells Us About Destruction of Statues

Do acts of desecration convey violence alone or can they be seen as calculated political statements?

Protest Music and Style Iconoclasm in the Times of Celebrity Activism

Many celebrities have expressed solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. But how genuine or meaningful is their anti-racism activism really?

Why We Must Speak up for Akhil Gogoi and Other Jailed Political Activists

As the Indian government puts political activists in jail amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is on the people of India to speak up to protect democracy.