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The Myth of ‘Secular’ Anti-CAA Protests in Assam

Many have claimed that the opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in Assam was 'secular'. This is based on a narrow understanding of Assamese politics and hegemonic social order.

India’s Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act of 1979 Needs Urgent Overhaul

The ISMW Act 1979 has serious limitations in the present context, as the architecture of migration has changed over the years. The COVID-19 crisis necessitates urgent reforms.

“Their Plight Feels Personal”: CNLU Students, Alumni Come Together to Help Migrant Workers

A group of students and alumni from a law school in Patna have been helping migrant workers stranded by the COVID-19 lockdown. But now they are running out of money.

Europe Is Using COVID-19 to Keep Migrants Away in the Mediterranean

Europe is hardening its borders in the Mediterranean under the garb of pandemic control, putting vulnerable migrants at risk.