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Assamese Nationalism and the Project of Enclosing History

Erecting fences around the open field of history is a dominant feature of Assamese ethnonationalism.

Reading Proof as ‘Proofs’: The Search For The Elusive Bangladeshi in Assam

In Assam, the complex process of identity formation takes an even more deviously complex form through the course of its colonial and post-colonial history.

How Profit-Making Technology Is Shaping the Terms of Citizenship in Assam

An intricate web of IT companies - like Wipro and ISS - are aiding the Assam government deprive millions of vulnerable people of their Indian citizenship.

The Normalisation of Xenophobia in Assam

The normalisation of the idea of "insider versus outsider" in the public discourse is fuelling a deeply exclusionary social and political order in Assam.

Shaheen Bagh Protests Part of a Global ‘Fourth Wave’ Feminist Movement

The women-led protests against a communal citizenship law in India are part of a resurgent wave of global feminist social justice movement.

With Anti-Immigrant Stance, Are We Becoming A ‘Gardening State’?

By expelling the 'unwanted' and the 'ugly', India's ruling party wants to a create and preserve the 'garden' of their imaginations.

A Critical Reading List on Assam’s NRC

The mainstream media in Assam and elsewhere is flushed with laudatory commentaries on the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Here's a list of critical writings by members of the PangSau Collective that unravel this messy headcount exercise.

Open Letter to a Legislator in Assam From a ‘Citizen of a Terrified Nation’

A letter to Bharatiya Janata Party's Assam State President regarding the recent custodial death of a 'foreigner'.