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Riot or Resistance? Media Framing Will Shape Public’s View of George Floyd Protests

As protests over the murder of George Floyd sweep the US, media coverage will play a critical role in deciding how Americans look at the resistance.

View from Nepal: Coronavirus-Linked Islamophobia of Indian News Channels Is Spilling Across Borders

The relentless slandering of Muslims by Indian news channels over the COVID-19 outbreak is influencing public opinion in Nepal.

Journalism of Demagoguery: How Indian Media Is Vilifying Muslims Over the COVID-19 Crisis

Mainstream Indian media has been constantly demonising the Muslim community for the COVID-19 outbreak, after the Nizamuddin Markaz cluster emerged.

You Don’t Need to Believe China About China’s Coronavirus Success

Stopping a virus requires identifying and isolating cases of infection, and if you pretend to have done so when you really haven’t, the uncaught cases will grow.

A Crumbling Pillar: How Will India Deal With Its Plummeting Media Standards?

India's fourth estate is falling apart from the inside. Nothing could be worse for a democracy.

How Indian Media Spread Outright Misinformation About a “Surgical Strike” Against “Rohingya Insurgents”

Behind the recent stories on Indian Army's 'Surgical Strike 3.0' against 'Rohingya terrorists' along the India-Myanmar border in Mizoram.

Why Photographs of Dead in Nairobi Terror Attack Dishonoured Victims

Foreign press took away the dignity from victims killed in the Nairobi terror attacks by publishing their pictures.

The ‘Rohingya Eating Hindus’ Story Is Fake

A fake story about Rohingya refugees in India eating Hindus is doing the rounds. Beware!

Indian Journalism in the Age of Rage

Earlier in November, two Indian journalists received global acclaim for their fearless journalism. What do their timely accolades signify in Narendra Modi's India?

‘The Shahidul Alam I Know Is Gentle’

Urvashi Butalia writes about the times she met and worked with the Bangladeshi photojournalist, who was granted bail by the High Court in Dhaka after 102 days of detention.