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Men, Not Women, Need to be Educated for a More Gender-Equal Society

Since forever, women have made compromises to keep relationships intact despite violence and discrimination. Its time we start teaching men to behave better.

As Teaching Moves Online, Gender and Class Divides Flare Up Like Never Before

In India, online teaching, the new normal during COVID-19, is enmeshed in a web of gender relations and class distinctions.

Why India Should Not Postpone the Women’s Reservation Bill Anymore

The long-pending draft law is an absolute necessity in a country like India where women continue to be denied equal opportunity in every sphere.

Pakistan’s Honour Killing Malice Continues Unabated, Despite Legal Changes

The recent honour killing of two teenage girls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is a jarring reminder of the plague that afflicts Pakistani society.

COVID-19: Women Are Bearing the Brunt of Shifting Workspaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed workspaces from offices to homes. And as usual, women have fallen at the short end of this new arrangement.

The Blame for ‘Bois Locker Room’ Lies With All of Us

Leaked screenshots from a private Instagram group of teenage Delhi boys reveals a toxic culture of slut-shaming that all of us have abetted at some point in our lives. Its time to change that.

Trauma, Testosterone, and the Myth of the Manly Soldier

Gender stereotypes about tough men often come in the way of effectively treating complex cases of post-war trauma amongst servicemen.

The Women Who Shaped Roman Astrology

Emperor Hadrian's association with Julia Balbilla produced some fair bit of astrology in ancient Rome.

Socrates in Love: How the Ideas of This Woman Are at the Root of...

New research shows that a large volume of Socrates' thinking came from Aspasia of Miletus, a woman he loved.

International Women’s Day: The Many Fights to Balance For Better

International Women's Day is an important and much-needed celebration of the countless struggles to level the playing field for women.