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Jamia Millia’s Seminar on ‘Discipline in Universities’ Warns of a Foucauldian Dystopia

On 8 September, Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia university hosted a webinar on disciplining university students. It produced some shocking discourses on control and surveillance.

The University Is Rotting Away, and Intellectuals Must Step up To Fix It

It is the unadulterated responsibility of university intellectuals to think beyond themselves and theirs interests within and outside their campuses.

Why India’s New Education Policy 2020 Should Be Embraced By All

The NEP 2020 offers a robust window of opportunity to completely overhaul India's educational system. The COVID-19 pandemic only makes that more evident.

Decision to Drop Odisha’s KISS University as a Co-Host of World Anthropology Congress 2023...

By dropping the Odisha-based institute from the high-profile international conference, the organisers have killed an opportunity to expose indigenous students to critical knowledge systems.

As Teaching Moves Online, Gender and Class Divides Flare Up Like Never Before

In India, online teaching, the new normal during COVID-19, is enmeshed in a web of gender relations and class distinctions.

As COVID-19 Cripples International Education, Universities Need to Think Out of the Box

With the pandemic forcing international students to return and stay home, the world's top universities are struggling to resume teaching.

Freelancers Vs Employees

ContentWhat Is Contract Job?Job SatisfactionManaging Your Workers With Square PayrollClass Of WorkerHours Of WorkCounter Offer With This Salary Negotiation Email TemplateWho Is A Contract...

Indian Entrance Exams and Venezuelan Beauty Pageants Are Two Beasts of the Same Colour

Competitive entrance examinations in India and beauty pageants in Venezuela both reflect a toxic culture of social over-expectation and economic exploitation.

Are Literature Graduates Really Less Important?

A response to consulting editor of Mint, Sundeep Khanna, who argues that Literature degrees are not the answer to India's job crisis.