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‘Hindu Unity’ a Facade, Hindutva Is Nothing More Than an Upper Caste, Neoliberal Capitalist...

Hindutva might claim to unite all Hindus, but in reality, it is a chauvinistic project catering to the vested interests of so-called upper castes and corporates.

The Turning Point: 21 Must-Read Pieces on the Politics of Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

We bring to you a list of handpicked takes on the politics around the 5 August 'ground-breaking' ceremony at the site of the proposed Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

A New India, à la Hindutva

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi laying the first brick of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the Hindutva political project has achieved one of its biggest milestones in de-secularising India.

Kabul Attack Renews Demand to Protect Afghan Sikhs and Hindus

The 25 March terror attack on a Gurudwara in Kabul restates the need to protect the vulnerable Sikh and Hindu minorities of Afghanistan.

COVID-19 in India: Tablighi Jamaat Should Not Be Kept Beyond Criticism

Holding the organisers of the super-spreader Tablighi Jamaat conference in New Delhi accountable for their recklessness is a step towards ensuring public safety.

Who are Sri Lanka’s Christians?

The recent church bombings across the island country is a direct attack on its christian community, which has a rich history and endearing presence.

The Islamic State ‘Caliphate’ Is off the Map for Now, but Will Evolve in...

Its defeat in Syria may now give way to new dangers.

Kartarpur Corridor: Civil Society Groups Deserve Credit for Keeping Issue Alive

Civil society organisations working at the grassroots, and not just political parties, must be given credit for the Indian government's decision to finally build the Kartarpur pilgrimage corridor to Pakistan.

Indonesia’s Campaign for Centrist Islam Goes Global

Meet Ma’ruf Amin, the Indonesian President's running mate who is propagating a form of 'Middle Way Islam' internationally.