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Why Bhagat Singh’s Revolutionary Ideals Were Way Ahead of His Time

Beyond his anti-Imperialist and socialist vision, the Indian revolutionary also wanted the British to give him the rights to information and privacy at a time when they barely existed.

As Iran Moves Closer to China and Pakistan, India Struggles to Regain Ground

With Tehran signing a 25-year plan with Beijing and making overtures to Pakistan, New Delhi is trying to restore the health of its vibrant bilateral with Iran.

The Road To Internationalising Higher Education in India Begins at Home

If Indian universities don't want to lose out to offshore campuses of foreign universities, as proposed by the NEP 2020, they must internationalise themselves.

Jamia Millia’s Seminar on ‘Discipline in Universities’ Warns of a Foucauldian Dystopia

On 8 September, Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia university hosted a webinar on disciplining university students. It produced some shocking discourses on control and surveillance.

As COVID-19 Chokes Garment Supply Chains in India, Workers Suffer

Disruptions in garment supply chains in India on account of the pandemic-induced lockdowns have seriously dented the already-dismal living and working conditions of workers.

The Monday That Shook the Indian Economy

On 31 August 2020, India woke up to the news of its biggest GDP crash ever. How did it come to this point?

Fieldwork During COVID-19 and Floods: Experiences from Assam and Bihar

The twin calamity of COVID-19 and floods in Assam and Bihar has crippled fieldwork for NGOs.

Why India’s New Education Policy 2020 Should Be Embraced By All

The NEP 2020 offers a robust window of opportunity to completely overhaul India's educational system. The COVID-19 pandemic only makes that more evident.

COVID-19 Pandemic Reaffirms the Importance of Right to Clean Air and Water for Indians

Data shows that the COVID-19 pandemic in the Indian context is intimately linked to the differential access to clean air and water, particularly in urban centres.

Forget ‘Act of God’, India’s Finance Minister Should Use ‘Karma’ to Justify Government Failure

The Indian finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, recently blamed the ongoing economic crisis on god. Blaming it on 'Karma' could be more effective.