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In India, online teaching, the new normal during COVID-19, is enmeshed in a web of gender relations and class distinctions.
As the Indian government puts political activists in jail amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is on the people of India to speak up to protect democracy.
The ISMW Act 1979 has serious limitations in the present context, as the architecture of migration has changed over the years. The COVID-19 crisis necessitates urgent reforms.
The long-pending draft law is an absolute necessity in a country like India where women continue to be denied equal opportunity in every sphere.
The Odisha government's handling of the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic holds lessons for other state governments in India.
High-decibel action won't work in the long run. India must invest in building a robust economy to outsmart China.
The murder of George Floyd reaffirmed a deep-seated culture of police violence in the US. In India, the problem is as ubiquitous.
A group of students and alumni from a law school in Patna have been helping migrant workers stranded by the COVID-19 lockdown. But now they are running out of money.
First-person account of how a mob tried to lynch a man, suspected of being a Muslim terrorist, in the middle of Jaipur last year.
Out of the 365 odd 'Jodhpur detainees' of Operation Blue Star, those still alive continue to grapple with the trauma and financial distress that they suffered after the event.