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The Hindutva Bogey of ‘Love Jihad’ Can Only Be Countered by More Love

'Love jihad' is nothing more than an anti-Muslim, anti-secular and anti-love Hindutva movement. The response to that must be even greater emphasis on inter-faith relationships.

Is 2016 a Prudent Choice for India’s New CPI-Industrial Workers Base Year?

The Labour Bureau's choice of a new base year, and the manner and timing of the change, raises more than one pertinent questions.

Protests Abound as Uttarakhand Prepares To Slash 10,000 Trees To Expand Dehradun Airport

The Uttarakhand government wants to clear a large section of the Thano forest to expand the Dehradun airport. But Doon residents and activists say this will destroy local biodiversity and aggravate pollution.

Andhra Pradesh Must Identify Local Advantages To Attract Talent and Investments

Andhra Pradesh recently signed an MoU with the Indian School of Business. This is a solid step towards building an attractive socioeconomic space, and should be emulated.

The Hindutva Thesis on Migration, and How To Challenge It Beyond the Logic of...

The Hindutva project aims to distill 'refugees' from so-called 'infiltrators' through the CAA 2019 and NRC. The resistance to that must transcend narrow parameters of belongingness.

Why Arnab Goswami’s Arrest Is Rife With Legal Inconsistencies

The Republic TV chief might not be a credible journalist. But that doesn't justify the twisted nature of his recent arrest and incarceration.

Book Review | Supriya Gandhi’s Biography of Dara Shukoh Separates the Man From the...

In 'The Emperor Who Never Was', Gandhi brings out the complexity of one of Mughal India's most-remembered personalities.

How Urban India Practices a Subtler, But Equally Toxic, Form of Female Foeticide

Urban Indians might not be terminating female foetuses, but their attitude towards girl children remains grossly regressive.

Bhojpur Movement: Why Bihar’s Communist Project Is Still Seen From the Tinted Lens of...

The Liberation group that came out of the Bhojpur Movement in Bihar is regaining political ground before the assembly election. But it is still seen as a party that indulged in 'caste violence' in an one-sided reading of history.

‘Hindu Unity’ a Facade, Hindutva Is Nothing More Than an Upper Caste, Neoliberal Capitalist...

Hindutva might claim to unite all Hindus, but in reality, it is a chauvinistic project catering to the vested interests of so-called upper castes and corporates.