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Statement: PUDR Condemns the Continued Incarceration of Munawar Faruqui

People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) condemns the continued jailing of comedian Munawar Faruqui for jokes he did not crack.

How Nationalist Indian Newspapers Remembered Lenin After His Death in 1924

The Russian revolutionary might be seen as a 'foreigner', 'terrorist' and what not in today's India, but obituaries that nationalist newspapers published after his death tell a different tale.

Why We Need to Talk About Gender Mainstreaming in Water Policy

The fields of study and policymaking on water have traditionally been dominated by men. This needs to change, and shifts are already visible.

Hindutva Neoliberalism: When Crony Capitalism Meets Ethnic Nationalism

The Modi government in India is perfecting a specific variant of neoliberalism that marries an ethno-majoritarian state with a corporate-dominated capitalist order.

Agents of the Centre or More? Recent Tensions Reveal the Complex Role of Governors...

In the past few years, several instances of friction between state governors and elected governments have emerged. What do they mean for this peculiar constitutional office?

Beyond the ‘Final Letter’: The Different Meanings of Rohith Vemula

Rohith Vemula, in his life and death, inspired a renewed anti-caste movement amongst Dalit-Bahujan youths and others across India.

13 Reasons Why Hindutva Nationalists and Assamese Subnationalists Are the Same

There is little difference between the two - both seek homogeneity, supremacy and purity.

India’s New Farm Laws Could Render Winter Harvest Festivals Irrelevant

By breaking up rural agrarian communities and handing over land to corporates, the new laws could forever invalidate harvest festivals like Lohri, Sankranti, Bihu and Pongal.

Pakistan Has a Love-Hate Relationship With Buddhism, and Its Flaring up Again

The Pakistani state has used Buddhism to not just consolidate its own national identity as opposed to India's, but also to build bridges with Southeast Asian nations. At the same time, Buddhist heritage in the country continues face ruin and vandalism.

How Andhra Pradesh Is Writing a Dairy Success Story

The entry of diary giant, Amul, into Andhra Pradesh will only give a fillip to the Jagan Mohan Reddy government's plan to boost the state's rural economy through milk production.