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Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat: Of Blazing Speeches and Shifting Realities

Some observations on the critical churnings in West Uttar Pradesh from the ground.

Do Languages Have Religion?

Our spoken tongues often transcend religious belief systems. Nowhere is that more visible than in India.

Why the Liberal Position on the Conflict in Afghanistan is Rife With Contradictions

Liberals find themselves sandwiched between opposing the Taliban, on one hand, and supporting self-determination movements, on the other.

As Shadow of Taliban Rule Looms Over Afghanistan, Sikhs Stare at Uncertainty

Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan have long lived under the pale of insecurity. But now, with the prospect of Taliban taking full control over the country once again, many want to flee.

India’s Education System Is Rigged Against the Poor

Despite much talk about 'inclusive education' and affirmative policies, India's education system continues to stamp out the socially and economically disadvantaged.

COVID-19 in India: Penalties on ‘Nil’ GST Returns Are a Nightmare for Small Businesses

In light of hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in India, the GST Council should go easy on penalties levied on non-filing of 'nil' tax returns.

India Needs a National Wage Policy to Combat Inequalities in the Labour Market

Such a policy could set a standard framework for better wage administration and ensure inclusive growth amongst India's vast workforce.

Why India’s Juvenile Justice Act Defeats Its Own Intent To Ensure Child Welfare

Specific provisions in India's punitive law for minors fails to do what it sets out to achieve - rehabilitative justice and promotion of child welfare.

COVID-19 Is Creating an Unending Migrant Workers’ Crisis in India. What To Do About...

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled another cycle of migrant workers' displacement in India. The state needs to develop better policies to deal with this endearing crisis.

Like China, India Too Should Build Border Villages To Keep an Eye on the...

A recept report revealed how China had built a village on Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi must respond with similar projects to ensure closer monitoring of PLA movements.